AMS Neve 1081R Remote Microphone Preamplifier Rack (12-Slot Empty)

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AMS Neve 1081R Remote Microphone Preamplifier Rack (12-Slot Empty)


AMS Neve 1081R Remote Microphone Preamplifier Rack (12-Slot Empty)

The AMS Neve 1081R is a microprocessor-controlled 12-slot rack with a choice of two mic preamps, the Neve 1081 and Air Montserrat (from the vintage Air Montserrat console).

Working closely with the late Sir George Martin, Mr. Rupert Neve designed three unique consoles that were commissioned for AIR Studios. The first console, A4792, was designed in 1977 and earmarked for AIR's facility on the island of Montserrat. Among the many groundbreaking design features found in these desks were remote controlled preamps. According to Mr. Neve, the optimal signal path for recording is the shortest one between mic and recording. The remote preamps, operated from the desk, enabled the preamps to be very close to the source in the live room. They also bypassed the added junctions and soldering points of a wall-mounted mic box or snake. The 12-slot Neve 1081R rack can be populated with the 1081, Air Montserrat preamps, or any combination of the two to cover a variety of applications; the 1081 for close-miking, and Air Montserrat for distance miking. Positioned remotely, the 1081R can be controlled via an Encore-equipped Neve console, standalone PC, or Pro Tools, with all the signature sonics that the name “Neve” represents.     

AMS Neve 1081R-Just the Facts

  • 12-space remote-controlled rack featuring a selection of classic 1081 or Air Montserrat
  • Modern, convenient way to secure legendary Neve Sound
  • Controllable from Neve Console (Encore PC) or standalone PC
  • Serial connection to computer
  • Recall of all operational settings via software
  • Unique hand-wired Neve-designed input transformers

AMS Neve 1081R-Under the Hood

The mic preamp circuitry is very close to the classic 1081 design of the early 1970s using the same transformer, capacitor types, and other components wherever possible. The modules provide transformer-balanced XLR mic inputs to balanced line outputs via a multi-way Varicon connector on the rear of the rack.

The rack can be positioned remotely and controlled via an Encore system on a Neve console or a standalone PC, making it the perfect choice for studio or live recording applications. (Connections come courtesy of a 9-pin serial control cable via RS232 to RS485 converter.) Operational settings such as gain, phase, and 20dB pad can be controlled either from the rack or via the interface screen and stored for later recall.

By selecting their desired combination of mic preamps, engineers have the flexibility to record classical, pop, rock, or any other musical format, and control it all from a Neve Console or standalone PC. In terms of application, the Air Montserrat Pre is the optimum choice for ambient recording, while the 1081 offers the perfect response for close miking of vocals, acoustic instruments, and percussion. The 1081R allows these legendary mic preamps to be used as remote inputs for the 88RS analog console, or provides the perfect companion to our digital consoles.

The microphone amplifiers may be controlled from:

  • The front panel of the 1081R rack  
  • Neve 88R console
  • Computer running AMS Neve's Remote Control Software
  • Pro Tools*

*The computer and Pro Tools options offer the added benefit of a recall system for the mic amp settings.

The mic preamps in the AMS Neve 1081R Remote Rack represent the very essence of the Neve sound. Chosen by recording engineers and producers the world over, the 1081 and the Air Montserrat have tracked some of the most famous recordings of all time, and are found in a majority of the world's finest studios. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist.


Microphone Module

  • Microphone input: XLR inputs, Z-in 1k ohm @ 1kHz Gain +20 to +70 in 5dB steps
  • Maximum Input Level (with Pad in): +24dB
  • Outputs: Max +26dB into 600 ohms
  • Z out 50 ohms +/-5% @ 1kHz, balanced
  • Distortion: Not more than 0.07% for 20dBm output from 50Hz to 10kHz@60dB gain
  • Microphone EIN: > -123dBm 20Hz to 20kHz @ 60dB gain
  • Mechanical: 1-3/8" x 6-7/32" (35mm x 158mm)

Rack Housing Spec (fully fitted)

  • Power: <40w, 100-240v auto sensing, 47-63Hz, 2A Anti Surge Fuse (fuse part number 190-047)
  • Mechanical: 4U x 19", 260mm deep
  • Audio Interface: 12 balanced circuits on a 56-way panel mounted female Varicon
  • Control Interface: 2 x 9 Pin D Type 'Male' input and 'Female' output, RS485 format (adapters required for serial RS232 or USB)

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