AMS Neve 1081 Horizontal 2-Module Rack (Empty)

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AMS Neve 1081 Horizontal 2-Module Rack (Empty)


AMS Neve 1081 Horizontal 2-Module Rack (Empty)

The AMS Neve 1081 Horizontal Rack is a 2-module, 3U empty power rack for the AMS Neve 1073, 1081, 1084, and 2264A modules, with phantom power, output level controls, and IEC mains connector.

If you don't have a classic Neve 80-series console that needs to be retrofit with 1073, 1081, 1084, or 2264A modules, you're going to need a place to put them and power them up. That's where the AMS Neve 1081 3U 2-channel power rack comes in. For decades, it's been a common practice to pirate vintage Neve desks for their 1073 preamps and rack them for outboard use in modern studios. Of course for the modules to be functional, you needed someone who knew their way around a soldering iron to build racks with power and I/O for integration into a studio. Since we're running out of Neve desks to pillage, AMS Neve, due to unceasing demand, builds exacting replicas of these classic preamps (and 2264A compressor) to function just like the vintage models, as well as robust and reliable power racks to house them. The 3U rack houses two modules mounted horizontally in a 19" rack-mounting unit. The rear panel has XLR connectors for transformer-balanced I/O, a 25-way “D-type” connector for spare switch contacts and unbalanced outputs, plus an IEC connector for mains power.

AMS Neve 1081 3U Rack-Just the Facts

  • 3U power rack for two AMS Neve modular preamps or 2264A compressor
  • Front-panel +24/-48V phantom power switches
  • Front-panel output level controls
  • XLR outputs
  • DB-25 connector for spare switches or unbalanced output
  • IEC mains power connector
  • Boat-anchor build quality

AMS Neve 1081 3U Rack-Under the Hood

The mains fuse is located in the IEC mains input connector on the rear of the 3U and 7U rack units. Secondary protection fuses for the 24V and 48V supplies are located behind the front panel on the power supply filter PCB SZN825-058 in both 3U and 7U rack units. The red LED on the front panel of both 3U and 7U rack units indicates +24V power healthy when illuminated. The green LED on the front panel of both 3U and 7U rack units indicates +48V power healthy when illuminated.

Phantom Power

Phantom power can be supplied to each module by pressing the phantom power switch on the front panel of the 3U or 7U rack. The LED in the switch will illuminate confirming that phantom power is supplied.

Output Level Control

Each channel has an independent Output Level Control. The control is post-input, post-EQ and pre-output. This control allows the input and EQ to operate at a higher level and then for the signal to be returned to a normal operating level at the output. When the Output Control is fully clockwise the output gain is unity. The output is 10dB down with the control in the mid-position.

If you're ready for a two-channel Neve 1073/1081/1084 front end, or a stereo pair of 2264A compressors, you'll need a convenient way to rack, power up, and connect them to your studio. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist today.

  • Power Requirements:
  • Rated voltage: 100-230V AC
  • Rated frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Rated current: 0.5A Max
  • Surge current (In Rush) Cold: 31.0A
  • Surge current (In Rush) Hot: 33.0A
  • Earth leakage current: Approx. 1.2mA
  • Warning for high earth leakage current required: No

Primary protection fuse:

  • Operating voltage: 100-230V AC
  • Fuse rating and type: T1.6A H 250V; 20mm x 5mm Ceramic
  • Location: IEC Mains connector

Secondary Protection Fuse:

  • Output voltage: 24V DC
  • Fuse rating and type: T 1.0A L 250V 20mm x 5mm Glass
  • Location: F1 on SZN825-058
  • Output voltage: 48V DC
  • Fuse rating and type: T 500mA L 250V 20mm x 5mm Glass
  • Location: F2 on SZN825-058


  • Height: 5-1/4" (134 mm)
  • Width: 19" (483 mm)
  • Depth: 15-3/4" (400 mm)
  • Weight: 37 lb. (17 kg) (fully loaded)

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