AMS Neve 1073SPX-D - The World’s First Genuine 1073® Interface

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AMS Neve 1073SPX-D - The World’s First Genuine 1073® Interface


AMS Neve 1073SPX-D - The World’s First Genuine 1073® Interface

The 1073SPX-D merges the renowned 1073® preamp with a robust digital audio interface, featuring USB and ADAT connectivity.

Digital Innovation

The 1073SPX-D seamlessly integrates a complete 1073 channel strip with a robust digital audio interface. USB and ADAT digital connections transform the 1073SPX-D into a versatile one-stop solution for recording, mixing, and monitoring in any studio, live sound or mobile recording setup.

9x12 Audio Interface

The 1073SPX-D features nine inputs (1x analogue/8x ADAT) and 12 outputs (4x analogue/8x ADAT). These expandable I/O capabilities allow the 1073SPX-D to become the main focal point of your studio, with all of your studio tools connecting to your DAW through the 1073SPX-D.

Class-Compliant USB

The 1073SPX-D’s innovative USB digital interface uses class-compliant drivers, offering a simple ‘plug & play’ setup for studio integration or on-the-road recording. By connecting the 1073SPX-D directly to your PC or Mac via USB, you can access all of the unit’s analogue features directly from the DAW of your choice.

ADAT Expansion Options

The 1073SPX-D features ADAT input and output ports that can function in two distinct modes. In USB/ADAT hub mode, additional units (such as the 1073OPX or a second 1073SPX-D), can connect together via ADAT, increasing the unit’s recording, mixing, and monitoring capability. In ADAT Audio Expander mode, the 1073SPX-D can function as a standalone ADAT expander connected to your existing audio interface, integrating a complete 1073 channel strip into your current system with ease.

Digital Hardware Insert

The 1073SPX-D’s digital option allows the unit to be applied as a hardware insert into your computer. Any track in your DAW can now be routed through the 1073SPX-D’s analogue circuitry, including Marinair transformers, Inductor EQ, and more, and returned to your DAW via USB or ADAT.

New Monitoring Options

The 1073SPX-D monitoring controls and connections allow studio loudspeakers and headphones to be directly connected to the unit, with attenuation and loudspeaker cut for total control over your monitoring setup. Two stereo DAW sources can be monitored, and a unique blend control allows for latency-free monitoring of the 1073SPX-D recording signals along with the stereo DAW tracks.

Class-A Discrete Design

The 1073SPX-D retains the discrete, class-A topology & exclusive Marinair transformers (input and output stages), to produce that classic 1073 sound. The 1073SPX-D uses a combination of modern production techniques, including our unique, in-house SMT, with the discrete audio path constructed using through-hole methods, including hand-mounting of the Marinair transformers and class-A transistor-based amplifiers.

1073® Gain Staging

The classic 5dB stepped Elma switch delivers accurate gain levels throughout the gain range, and this unique layout means there is no need for a mic/line switch, the pot itself selects the preamp and input. Three distinct gain stages provided by two independent transistor-based preamplifiers provide gain for any DI, line input or microphone signal.

Inductor-Based EQ

The three-band inductor based EQ is designed for musicality. Rupert Neve and his team of Engineers carefully selected each frequency point to enhance sound quality across the frequency spectrum. The custom hand-wound inductors are made in the UK and are exclusive to Neve, often exceeding our tight 1073 specification.

Flexible Analogue I/O

The 1073SPX-D includes a host of analogue I/O to accommodate all potential workflows. Switchable front and rear connections allow for total studio integration and quick-access recording. A balanced insert send and return loop with a flexible insertion point enables analogue expansion with additional hardware units such as compressors and a rotary output fader with a -inf to +5dB range gives total control over the unit’s output signal via its XLR output connection.

General Specification

  • Genuine 1073 transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier / EQ circuit, in a single 1U 19″ rack-mount enclosure
  • 2x Balanced Analogue Monitor XLR Line Outputs
  • 1x Balanced TRS Headphone Output
  • 8x ADAT Digital Inputs & 8x ADAT Digital Outputs via TOSLINK Connection
  • Exclusive Neve Marinair transformers used on input and output stages
  • USB 2.0 B -Type port for direct connection to Mac or PC
  • Class Compliant – Core Audio/ASIO
  • Front & rear Mic & Line inputs and front DI input
  • Switchable +48v Phantom Power, Hi/Lo impedance, -20dB pad and DI ground lift
  • Switchable Phase and EQ in/out
  • Pre/Post-EQ insert send/return loop
  • 7-stage LED signal level meter –  mic/line/DI input-stage level, EQ-stage level or output-stage level up to +24dB
  • Output level control -inf>+5dB range
  • External multi-voltage PSU with locking 5-pin XLR Connection
  • Power – +/116Vdc 2A 230V 20mm & 48Vdc, 250mA 230Vm 20mm

Preamp Specification

  • Microphone Input: Gain +80db to +20dB in 5dB steps.
  • Line Input: Input impedance 10kΩ, gain +20dB to -10dB in 5dB steps
  • DI Input: Input impedance 2M Ohms (PAD off) / 200K Ohms (PAD on) Gain +80dB to +20dB in 5dB steps

EQ Specification

  • High Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB fixed frequency shelving at 12kHz
  • Low Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB shelving with selectable frequencies of 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz & 220Hz
  • Mid Frequency: Smooth +/-18dB peaking, fixed ‘Q’ with selectable centre frequencies of 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz & 7.2kHz
  • High Pass Filter: 18dB per octave slope, switchable between 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz & 300Hz

Audio Performance

  • Output: Maximum output is >+26dBu into 600Ω, transformer balanced and earth free.  – Output Impedance 75Ω @1kHz
  • Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output (80kHz bandwidth) into 600Ω.
  • Freq Response: ±0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 40kHz. EQ Out.
  • Noise: -82dBu at all line gain settings (22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth)
  • EIN: Better than -125dBu @ 60dB gain.

Monitor Output Specification

  • Maximum output level : +20dBu

Headphone Output Specification: (600 Ohm load)

  • Maximum output level : +20dBu
  • Frequency Response: 20-20kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Distortion (THD +N): <0.005%
  • Noise floor: -90dBu

A/D Specification

  • Maximum input level : >+26dBu
  • Dynamic Range: 119dB
  • Noise (THD +N): <100dBFS
  • Distortion: <0.002%

D/A Specification

  • Maximum Output level: +26dBu
  • Dynamic Range: 117dB
  • Noise (THD +N): <91.5dBu
  • Distortion: <0.001%


  • Width: 480mm (19 inches)
  • Height: 44mm (1.75 inches)
  • Depth: 360mm (14.7 inches)
  • Approx. Weight: 5.475kg (12.07 pounds)

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