Amphion FlexBase25 System

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Amphion FlexBase25 System


Amphion FlexBase25 System

FlexBase25 LF extension tower and FlexAmp1200 crossover/amplifier module

FlexBase25 is a single box, stereo bass system, which transforms a two-way studio monitor into a fullrange, three-way system. The system comes with FlexAmp1200 with wide adjustment possibilities allowing to address the needs of a rapidly changing landscape of modern sound-making.

Unique highlights

Stereo to the lowest octave
Amphion’s introduced their first Base Extension system in 2015. The concept of keeping stereo information all the way down has become widely adopted since.
Seamless integration

Designed to work seamlessly with all monitor sizes. System can even be paired with a smaller model for an ultra-fast, easy to adjust small room full-range system.

Elevate your monitors

As the bass frequencies are transferred to the Base system, the midrange clarity and power-handling of the paired monitors are greatly enhanced.

Modern flexibility

Variable crossover frequency and bass level attenuator allow the system to match the specific needs of various sound engineering tasks.

Simple setup

Always placed on the center-line of the monitors. Fixed placement and wide adjustment possibilities lead into effortless performance in all rooms.

2-way, 3-way or Amphion way?

Simplicity of a 2-way monitor or the power handling of a 3-way design? The system can easily switch between both with a push of a button or foot switch.



Operating principle

One way closed box, stereo


2 x 25 cm / 10” aluminium


Active 4th-order @ 35-260 Hz



Frequency response

20 Hz – 260 Hz +/-3dB (low pass)
35 Hz – 200 kHz +/-3dB (high pass)


3.5 m long, terminated with 4-pole Neutrik Speakon connectors


854 x 340 x 320 mm


45 kg / 99 lb

Handmade in Finland

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