ADAM Audio Sub2100 Active Subwoofer

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ADAM Audio Sub2100 Active Subwoofer


ADAM Audio Sub2100 Active Subwoofer

The ADAM Audio Sub2100 is a 1,000-watt subwoofer with a 21.5" woofer, bass reflex cabinet tuned flat down to 18Hz, and the world’s largest voice coil.

Certain styles of music and their makers depend on being able to not just hear what’s happening in the sub-basement but to feel it as well. Not just limited to music, film production of the superhero/action variety require a visceral engagement with explosions, thunder, earthquakes, and the roar of genetically modified alien battle kitties. For these applications and more, ADAM Audio gives you the Sub2100; an Ohio-class nuclear subwoofer with a 21.5" paper subwoofer and a Class D amplifier capable of outputting 1000-watts of continuous power. The Sub2100 packs all of this in a bass reflex enclosure tuned for the accurate reproduction of low frequencies down to 18Hz. If you think that’s a bit of overkill, keep in mind that Alan Sides’ Ocean Way Studio control room is tuned to be flat down to 18Hz. (A linear bass below human hearing is responsible for fullness and accuracy in the audible spectrum). There’s a lot going on below the 45-50Hz cutoff of most studio monitors, such as the E string of a bass at 41Hz and 31 Hz B-string of a 5-string bass, not to mention first-octave A on piano at 27.5Hz. So you see, there’s plenty of reason to be able to reach down low in order to hear what’s really going on in the realm where the greatest amount of energy in recorded music lives. (Also, it’s fun to crank the bass and vibrate your clients across the control room floor like those electric football games).

ADAM Audio Sub2100—Just the Facts:

  • 21.5" subwoofer
  • Amplifier power RMS/Music, 1000W/1200W
  • World’s largest voice coil: 6"
  • Frequency response of 18Hz-150Hz
  • Maximum SPL 128dB
  • Additional sub output enables dual subwoofer system

ADAM Audio Sub2100—Behind the Grille

If your control room is large enough to park a Boeing 747, like Real World Studios, or you’re working in a film post room with a multi-operator console and theater seating, ADAM gives you the unique Sub2100 subwoofer, built for the special requirements of large control rooms and studios. The Sub2100 combines a huge 21.5" woofer and an amplifier capable of 1000W continuous power housed in a bass reflex enclosure tuned for reproducing frequencies down to 18Hz. The sheer power and extremely high efficiency (99dB/ W/m) enable this system to produce linear SPL peaks of ≥128dB without any significant compression.

The world‘s largest voice coil

Essential to the volume of this woofer is its enormous 6" voice coil, which is the largest in human captivity. As a result, the Sub2100 is capable of reaching the highest SPL in the lowest frequencies capable of being perceived by the human ear. On every level, the Sub2100 establishes a new benchmark in subwoofer technology.

PWM custom amplifier

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) also known as Class D amplification or switching amp technology, converts the incoming signal to a series of rectangular waveforms of equal height. The width of the rectangles varies in time and represents the musical signal. This waveform can be amplified much more simply, as the transistors are used as switches that only turn the power supply voltage on and off.

Advantages of PWM

The main advantage of PWM amplifiers is their extremely high efficiency (>90%). As a consequence the heat to be dissipated is only one-fifth of earlier designs, leading to much lower temperatures within the amps and making the use of heat sinks unnecessary. The ADAM units use a proprietary technology for both the amp and the power supply section (i.e. no more transformers) combined with state-of-the-art input and filter sections to achieve the best in multi-channel active monitoring.

Room-compensation controls and I/O

In order to adjust the sound of the Sub2100 to different room situations or individual taste, controls include volume (-60dB to +6dB) and crossover frequency (50Hz – 150Hz). The satellite speakers can either be driven full range or high-pass filtered at 85Hz. This allows the Sub2100 to be easily integrated into a Dolby surround setup. Unfavorable phase relationships between the satellites and the subwoofer, particularly in the crossover frequency range, can be easily controlled with the rear-panel phase-reverse switch.

The Sub2100 is also very flexible when it comes to connectivity: There are balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) Left/Right input/output connectors to be found on the rear of the subwoofer, plus an additional output enables a dual subwoofer array.

ADAM Audio Sub2100 features/benefits:

21.5" woofer, 1000 watts   

  • Need we say more? No?

Linear bass reproduction down to 18Hz   

  • Ideal addition to main monitors

Maximum Peak sound pressure in 1 m ≥ 128dB   

  • Powerful, compression-free sound reproduction even at very high sound levels

High-efficiency PWM amplifier   

  • Low-distortion amplification at both low and high volume levels

Special 21.5" woofer with paper diaphragm   

  • Unrestricted bass reproduction for low-fatigue operation even at very high volumes

6" (150 mm) voice coil   

  • Enables maximum sound pressure in the deepest sound areas perceived by the human ear

Additional sub output   

  • Allows building a (double) bass array

Upper cut-off frequency is selectable between 50 - 150 Hz   

  • Allows optimal adaptation of the total system on the bass performance of the satellites

Connectable high-pass filter for the satellite outputs, which blocks signals below 85Hz   

  • Dolby®- Fair reproduction of film sound
  • Disengages the satellites from the low frequencies

2 years warranty with an optional extension to 3 years with the registration of the product   

  • Full repair service if required for 5 years

One of the best-kept secrets of a professional sound is rooted in how well you manage the bass frequencies. Add an ADAM Sub2100 to your mains and all will be revealed. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist.

  • Subwoofer: 21.5" / 543 mm
  • Voice coil diameter: 6" / 150 mm
  • Woofer material: Paper
  • Built-in amplifiers: 1
  • Subwoofer channel 1/2: 1,000W/1,200W
  • Frequency response: 18Hz-150Hz
  • THD >60 Hz: ≤ 1%
  • Maximum peak: ≥ 128dB
  • Crossover frequency: 50Hz-150Hz
  • Inputs: XLR / RCA
  • Input impedance 10k ohm
  • Weight 187.4 lb. /85 kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 33-1/2" x 23-1/2" x 28" / 850 x 600 x 705 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years with 3 years optional extension

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