Salt Lake City's HUGE sound goes big with the help of PAD

HUGE Sound control room in Salt Lake City UT installs Neve and Augspurger.

LARGE! AMS Neve GB64 and Auxpurger Solo 12 MF Sub 12 system at HUGE Sound in Utah. 

Huge Sound of Salt Lake City, UT, is a top-notch post production facility specializing in editing, scoring and sound production for video and film. When Grammy nominated chief engineer Michael Greene wanted to upgrade his surround mixing suite, he turned to Dave Malekpour of Pro Audio Design to make it happen. 

Through PAD, Huge installed a new AMS Neve Genesys Black GB64 digitally controlled analog console with surround mixing facilities. 

To further sonically elevate the control room, Huge installed an Augspurger Solo 12 Sub 12 system active main monitor system. The upgraded results in performance were immediate and stunning. Here's what Greene had to say about his initial response to both the console and monitors. 

"The (Neve) console is working really wonderfully.  I am loving the flexibility and abilities of it, but most of all I am loving the sound of it.  It really sounds spectacular. The amount of headroom is incredible and the pre's and eq of course are everything I hoped for and more!"  

As for the Augspurger Solo 12 MF system?

"I am really enjoying the Augspurgers. I find myself working on them almost exclusively and feel that I am getting a handle on their sound and how balances work on them.  They are really a beautiful set of monitors and I love the detail and clarity.  It makes it really difficult to go back to anything else.  I have done a number of scores in the last few months and I have been using the Augspurgers as my main left and right monitors."

HUGE guys: PAD's Dave Malekpour with Michael Greene in the newly equipped control room. 
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