Thermionic culture

Thermionic Culture is focused on producing the very best all valve design audio products. In this day and age of mass-produced solid-state audio equipment it's a refreshing change for a company to constantly strive for the ultimate all valve signal path.

Audio amplification, compression, mixing and equalisation took a backward step when solid-state technology was introduced. Valves are much more real and natural when amplifying and processing audio. They use no transistors or ICs in the signal path. Solid state is relegated to where it works best - in power supplies, although T.C. does use a valve voltage regulator in The Culture Vulture's HT supply.

Some of the circuits take ideas from the 1940s to '60s and refine and update them to produce the low noise and distortion which are expected now. Other circuits are really original! To achieve high standards Thermionic Culture uses modern components such as 1% metal oxide resistors and polypropylene capacitors where their use is a positive advantage, but avoids Hi-Fi type gimmicks such as gold plated XLR connectors. They take pride in the construction and reliability of their equipment. To date it is all hand wired using the best quality components. Thermionic Culture gives a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects and valves. Many valves used are Military/Industrial grade.

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