Purple audio

Purple audio

Purple Audio was started by Andrew Roberts in 1997 to manufacture new product.

Andrew came to New York 1994 to attend the NYU music technology program. Soon after coming to New York Andrew became involved in buying and selling recording equipment and began doing repairs and wiring work in his dorm room. In the fall of 1996, Andrew met John Klett and was invited to join a new repair shop in midtown Manhattan. This shop, dubbed Tech Mecca, was the new location for Manhattan Audio, a large repair facility and wiring company and Klett's new midtown home. Andrew began to repair high end gear there and became an apprentice to Klett.

Purple Audio spent the late 90s and early 00s shipping the MC76 and getting involved in console and tape machine rebuild projects.

Late 2007 saw Andrew finishing the design for the Action, Cans, Pants, Sweet Ten for the AES show and getting production of these going in the first few months of 2008. Purple Audio product is now built by a contract manufacturing company in the Allentown area, and tested, burned in, and shipped out of the Weissport shop.

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