Since its formation in 1970, MIDAS has had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of live audio mixing consoles. MIDAS set the standard with the modular PR04, the forerunner to the XL3 the first MIDAS to feature VCA groups and the world's first truly dual purpose desk. The XL3 changed the way a generation of engineers approached the art of mixing, opening new creative possibilities and set the scene for the greatest analogue mixer ever built, the benchmark XL4. The Heritage 3000 which followed, dominated the concert touring market for nearly a decade. When Digital went MIDAS, MIDAS set new standards for audio quality, ease of use, power, flexibility and creative potential, which have yet to be matched. No other live digital audio console can compete with the sample-synchronous audio performance, expandable network topology, and sheer ease of use which are the trademarks of all MIDAS digital systems from the XL8 to PRO1. MIDAS digital and analogue consoles remain the choice for prestigious installations, major touring artistes, theatres and concert venues the world over, including many unique, high profile international events where compromise is not an option.

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