Florida Audio Expo

Florida Audio Expo

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The Evolution Series E-2 or “TAD Evolution Two” is the latest addition to TAD’s Evolution Series of hi-fi audio components. Featuring newly developed twin 15.5 cm woofers and a 2.5 cm beryllium tweeter that can reach from 30Hz to 60kHz. Drawing on a wealth of speaker-engineering ingenuity accumulated over the years, the TAD E-2 embodies the long tradition of delivering single- point-source sound for which all TAD speakers are known and takes the sound field and imaging performance to a new level. The speaker enclosure has an attractive, classic woodgrain finish that blends into any room decor.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the TAD Compact Reference One (CR-1), their penultimate offering. The $85,500 speaker set provides the TAD-exclusive CST concentric beryllium midrange/tweeter matched with TAD's proprietary 8" woofer, delivering extreme musicality and frequency response of 32 Hz to 100 kHz. The carefully selected materials and attention to detail and engineering in the construction of the CR-1 reveal their highly advanced technologies and craftsmanship. The TAD Compact Reference one delivers the rich point-source sound with a quality that makes the listeners forget they are listening from a speaker system. 

The TAD CR-1 and E-2 will be located in Room 415, and the Evolution-1 and Micro Evolution-1 are available for demo in Room 715 with PAD hi-fi dealer, House of Stereo. The room itself will be powered by the TAD E-2 amp and SACD/DAC D1000TX and M1000S amps. 

“I am excited to bring the new TAD E-2 monitor to the FLAUDIO Expo 2022. This is the first US show for the new speaker brining TAD’s legendary sound to a floor standing speaker with exceptional performance and price. The TAD sound and engineering on this product brings music to life!

Using Jocavi Acoustics to control the room’s performance and Synergistic Research cables and room and power tuning, we expect to provide a studio quality listening experience to the show’s attendees.”

Dave Malekpour, President of Pro Audio Design

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