Augspurger® MX-65 SUB 12

Augspurger® MX-65 SUB 12

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Augspurger® MX-65 SUB 12


Augspurger® MX-65 SUB12


The Augspurger® MinimaX MX-65 has been painstakingly designed to deliver legendary Augspurger clarity and power to near-field production and listening environments with a price of entry that will stop you in your tracks.Featuring a newly developed patent-pending, solid maple rotatable MinimaX horn driven by a 99.97% pure beryllium diaphragm in a 1.4” compression driver, and paired with a specialized 6.5” high-power woofer to deliver true Augspurger monitoring experience in near-field environments.70 x 110 degree horn, the same dispersion as our larger Augspurger horns. Rotatable for vertical or horizontal use. Choose from multiple amp configurations, including 2-way or 3-way active - with DSP. Perfect for “on the go” engineers who want Augspurger precision monitoring on every mix. Add a pair of Augspurger SUB 12 or 15 for full range 3-way performance. Ideal for Music, Post-production, Theatrical and fully Immersive applications.

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