An evolution in technology created the need for more application-specific design. The days of generic desks, and stands has passed. In 1994, ARGOSY introduced the first console enclosure designed to integrate the revolutionary Mackie 8.bus analog mixer. From that moment on, Argosy has grown this approach to define the category of studio furniture.

So taken by Argosy's approach to functionality and impressive look of the console enclosures, client requests have lead to other types of technical furniture solutions. Today Argosy offers a broad selection of studio furniture designed to inspire the heart as well as the mind.

Argosy provides you with a service, not just a product. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and computer controlled machinery, Argosy product specialists work directly with and for you. A balance of technology and creativity combine to result in flexible innovative and inspiring furniture solutions.

Although Argosy products don't look like they come ready-to-assemble (and that's the point!), most products are shipped dis-assembled to permit installations in less convenient locations using ordinary tools and a few special tools provided. Their passion is for fit and finish and for providing the most outstanding customer service you've ever experienced.

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