In the seventies, the principals of Acoustics First founded a large scale professional recording studio to service both the recording artist and the commercial audio producer. With limited information and lack of off-the-shelf acoustical materials, we built our own diffuser-bass traps, resilient clips, fabric covered fiberglass absorbers and high-mass barrier walls. As the eighties were about to start, we discovered an anechoic wedge acoustical foam in an industrial magazine and realized it was a quick fix to a common problem for both recording and broadcast rooms. The material was introduced to the audio world at the Audio Engineering Society’s convention in New York as a new product, with us as the only acoustical supplier there. The following decade saw increased awareness of acoustics and our product appeared throughout the world. This was aided by our three distribution warehouses and computerized, networked sales system. As the new millennium approached, Acoustics First was born, with its sole emphasis on acoustical material design, manufacture and distribution.The company now holds several patents in acoustics and supplies facilities of all sizes and functions worldwide.

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