Augspurger® SUB18 Passive Subwoofer

Sale price$ 4,350.00
SKU: SUB 18-S15

Configuration Options: SUB 18/S15 (1x 18" for SOLO 15)

Configuration Options

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Augspurger® SUB18 Passive Subwoofer


Augspurger® SUB18 Passive Subwoofer

1×18″ Subwoofer cabinet with single high-sensitivity/high-power 18″ subwoofer driver. PASSIVE CABINET.

Designed to integrate in to 3-way systems such as Solo 12, Duo 12, Solo 15 and Duo 15, making them full-range 3-way systems with powerful response to 20Hz and below. (Three-way DSP amp required).

Priced per single mono cabinet, two cabs specified for a stereo monitor system.

Standard Dims: 26″H x 26″W x 20″D

Alt Dims: 29″H x 21.5″W x 20″D (Sub18 Tall); 28″H x 24″W x 20″D (Sub18-S15); 24.5″H x 21.5″W x 23″D (Sub18-D12)

The speakers come standard in a matte black finish, Custom high gloss automotive paint finishes are available in any color to complement your room decor. Call for custom paint pricing.

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