Augspurger® Monitors has completed the successful installation of the world’s inaugural Augspurger® Atmos system at Tonik Capital, a multi-studio complex based in Burbank, CA, spearheaded by producer/engineer Todd Tarverdian.

Back in 2011, Todd began his journey in the music industry from a rented room in a small studio in Burbank. 

Reflecting on the start, he shares, “I was a new engineer in this industry and having a hard time finding a job. I rented a room and built up some clients, but the early days were challenging, especially when the studio I was in got robbed. Thankfully, they didn’t touch my room – but I knew it was a sign to move on. It took a while, but in 2015, I discovered this great 12,000 sq. ft. facility and the foundation for Tonik Capital was laid.”

This space was not just a business venture for Todd; it was a realisation of his vision. 

He adds, “The concept was to create a unified space for recording, rehearsals, and performances. Having one comprehensive space also allows us to host showcases, enhancing the experience for both artists and audience.”

However, the path to realising this state-of-the-art studio was not without its challenges. Soon after leasing part of the building and moving in, the pandemic hit and upended all plans. 

Recounting this crucial moment, Todd recalls, “A few weeks into the pandemic, the landlord had told me that many of the other tenants were struggling financially, and he needed to sell the building. With all the uncertainty, I knew I had to secure our spot. And so, I bought the whole thing.” 

This decisive step was soon followed by the establishment of Tonik Capital’s primary, large recording space – the Gotham Room.

During his search for quality speakers, Todd stumbled across an online seller from Chicago, offering pre-owned Augspurger® Duo12s at a price that his now stretched budget could afford. 

This purchase led to a positive call with Dave Malekpour, President of Augspurger® Monitors, to confirm the speakers’ authenticity. It wasn’t until some months later – still during Covid-19 – when Todd was looking to upgrade the studio to Atmos, that Dave and Todd connected again, this time to talk about how he might incorporate Augspurger monitors into his Atmos set-up.

Dave recounts, “We hadn’t installed a wholly Augspurger® system before, but Todd was pretty adamant that’s what he wanted, after being impressed with the sound of the pair he’d bought previously.”

“People have been asking me for years to create a small speaker that could live on the metre bridge but that has Augspurger’s® power and clarity – and MX-65 was born of that concept,” continues Dave. “At the time it was still, in fact, being refined and tested ahead of its launch at NAMM later that year. We had considered that it would be great in Atmos, but when Todd contacted me for this project – we knew this could be the perfect opportunity, and were sure that the MX-65s would complement Todd’s Duo12s.”

Augspurger® Director, David Anthony, based on the West Coast, was also instrumental in the project, as he was able to visit the location and connect with Todd in person. Working closely together, they evaluated the room, and other equipment that would be needed. He recalls, “We overcame immense challenges, from global chip shortages to lockdown restrictions, to bring this project to fruition.”

He continues, “Todd trusted in the vision and the Augspurger® brand, and this led to our collaboration, and ultimately the installation of the system – before the world had even seen or heard MX-65. All pretty incredible, given the difficulties we faced during such trying times. When the project was completed, and Dave (Malekpour) came out to tune it, the three of us got to experience the sound for the first time altogether – and that was amazing.”

Tonik Capital can deliver 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos immersive sound, complemented by Augspurger® Duo 12s in the front, Solo 12s in the rear, five 18-inch subwoofers, and the flagship MX-65 and an Avid S6 M40 32 fader console powers the control room. The studio, aiming for versatility, also has both a live performance and video recording space.

Despite the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Tonik Capital remains dedicated to its core values. Over the past year and a half, it has completed over 70 Atmos mixes.

Todd states, “We’re highly focused on independent artists. Working with them often feels more organic, and genuine – and bypassing the complexities that sometimes come with labels has its own benefits. I’m so glad to have collaborated with Augspurger® Monitors on this project – the system sounds incredible. Our clients are consistently impressed, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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