Sontronics SOLO Stage Dynamic takes on all comers!

Sontronics SOLO Stage Dynamic takes on all comers!

“The Solo microphone kills Shure 58, Beta 58 and even Beta 87, and DANCES ON THEIR GRAVES,”  Jon Cahill, lead singer, Jenny X

“The Solo holds its own against much more expensive mics like Neumann KMS series, for half the price. You get studio sound on stage, with a nice tight cardioid pattern that a condenser cannot match. This mic is the real deal!”

So say the initial users of the Sontronics Solo. The British-made stage microphone, 100% built in the UK, has floored users since its introduction in July of 2017. Male singers like LA’s Brad Byrd, and Boston’s Jon Cahill have become instant aficionados and ambassadors of the mic. 

Up and coming Nashville country singer, Ciera McKenzie, fell in love with the Solo immediately. 

Why? Because the Solo has a smooth, natural, big-bodied sound that is not hyped. It’s loud and clean with a silky-not-harsh high end that is solidly articulate. In a word, you’d describe it as BIG! 

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