Mercury is "Dream Microphone" for Musician Adam Riviere

Mercury is "Dream Microphone" for Musician Adam Riviere

It would be an understatement to say that Adam Riviere is not your everyday musician. The Indianapolis-based World-Music artist plays percussion, Native American flutes and didgeridoo, along with his endeavors in music healing, teaching, and producing. The list of what Riviere does NOT do is a short one, but you can be sure that at the top of that list is to compromise when it comes to sound. When he was ready to record a didgeridoo album for meditation, he knew he would need a microphone with as much depth as the instrument itself. With Riviere, it’s not just about capturing sound; The spirit needs to be heard and felt in the tones. His solution? The Sontronics Mercury tube condenser. 

Spirit Sounds: Riviere plays the didgeridoo while Sontronics Mercury records...

“I have just completed my didgeridoo recording, and it is a meditation album that’s designed to emulate one of my meditation sessions. The Sontronics Mercury captured the sound I love right out of the box,” Riviere said. 

Riviere went on to try a variety of different sound sources to put Mercury to the test. He played tongue drum, berimbau, dumbek, djembe, and a Jon Norris model Ancient Pueblo style native flute.  “I chose ones that are unique and that are at times difficult to record or capture the best sound quality. The Mercury is by the far the best mic to capture every bit of great tone and color these instruments deliver as well as the body reverberating from the room.  I did not want to continue on with my day; I wanted to keep my headphones on and listen to how the Mercury was picking up the sound of me playing my different instruments,” explained Riviere. 

"It's a dream come true," he added. 

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