Mastering Guru Alex DeYoung chooses Augspurger Monitors.

Mastering Guru Alex DeYoung chooses Augspurger Monitors.

Alex DeYoung of DeYoung Masters is a mastering engineer’s mastering engineer. Based in LA, his list of credits is more than impressive, with names like Michael Jackson, Macy Gray, Keyshia Cole, and countless others.The man has golden, wait, make that PLATINUM ears. That’s why when DeYoung was looking to step up the monitoring in his mastering suite, he chose Augspurger. Working through his consultant and dealer Dave Malekpour at PAD Group, DeYoung chose a simple yet elegant solution, the Solo 12MF 1500watt two way system 

While the Solo 12MF’s specs are impressive, what really matters to a mastering guru like DeYoung is how the speakers magnify the details, and most importantly, how his work translates to the outside world. According to DeYoung, his new Solo 12MF system checks those boxes perfectly. 

“As far as working on the Solo 12’s go I absolutely love it. It's totally different than mastering on dual concentric speakers that I am familiar with, and have built a career with. I love how my work translates to my clients and so do they,” said an enthusiastic DeYoung when asked for his initial response. 

“They make attended sessions a breeze, and put on a show when they need to. I also love how long and low SPL I can work on them. I can judge low end easily at low volumes, which makes my sessions a lot easier,” he added. 

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