Brand statements

Brand statements

Pro Audio Design Inc.

Pro Audio Design Inc (PAD) is an industry-leading supplier of analogue and digital professional audio equipment. For three decades, PAD has endeavoured to provide its customers with the best possible service, products and expertise available.


Our in-house team’s combined 100-year experience in the audio industry, enables us to provide the expertise and tools needed by those taking their first steps in recording, to the world’s most prevalent recording studios, and everyone in between, empowering customers to make their own decisions and to help them get the best possible results.


We are not “box shifters”. Our expert team is committed to providing our customers with the tools and studio environments they need to inspire and enable them to produce audio beyond the ordinary. This means that when you speak to our Sales Team, they’re listening, understanding, and assessing what might be the best solution for you and your budget.


We take a great deal of pride and care in testing and using the gear we offer in real-world scenarios, building crucial relationships with manufacturers and developing in-depth product knowledge. This means you can rely on PAD for unrivalled service, unbiased insights, and exceptional after-sales support. From the moment we answer your call, to the moment you’ve set up your new gear, you’re a part of the PAD family.


PAD is the exclusive N. America and Canada distributor for the following brands:


JOCAVI™ is a leading manufacturer of high-end acoustic treatments. JOCAVI’s acoustic panels, which are renowned for their high performance and unique aesthetic, are easily mounted on ceilings or walls and designed to fit seamlessly into a wide range of environments, including (but not limited to): auditoriums, concert halls, AV studios, Radio and TV stations, theatres, sports halls, industrial pavilions, leisure centers, public spaces, commercial offices or even residential listening rooms.

PAD recently became JOCAVI’s official U.S. partner


- TAD Laboratories Inc

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TAD) is a high-end Japanese audio manufacturer, specializing in both audio components and speaker systems.

Born out of the Pioneer Corporation in 2007, with the aim of introducing studio-quality loudspeakers to the home entertainment market, TAD produces some of the world’s finest audio equipment available today and is held in high esteem by audiophiles around the world.

PAD is the exclusive distribution partner for TAD Laboratories Inc in N. America and Canada.


- Sontronics

Sontronics is the award-winning British microphone manufacturer, with a passion for craftsmanship and design. Founded in 2005, and launched at the NAMM Show in the same year, the Company specialize in combining innovative design and classic styling with exceptional build quality, for an affordable price.

PAD is the sole distributor for Sontronics in N.America.


- Augspurger

Launched in 2012, Augspurger monitors use the latest technological advances in acoustic design and software to provide recording facilities with the most sonically accurate speakers possible . With astounding craftsmanship and high-quality components, coupled with incredible power and precision, Augspurger monitors have shaped the signature sound of iconic recording facilities worldwide, counting Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Alicia Keys among its fans.

Augspurger of Hanover, MA is not affiliated with George Augspurger


- Studio Float

Founded in 2021, Studio Float manufacture innovative sound and vibration isolation products for application in commercial recording facilities. Studio Float products minimise energy transfer, enabling the room and components within the room (loudspeakers, guitar amplifiers, etc.) to perform their best with reduced coloration and greatly improved decoupling from the environment.

Studio Float’s expert team, made up of engineers, designers and professional audio specialists, has decades of experience designing, building and equipping recording studios and utilises its unrivalled expertise to create bespoke solutions for the professional audio market. Whether you’re designing a professional recording studio from the ground up or building a home cinema room in your private residence, Studio Float has a solution to help you.


- Malekpour Design Partners

With over 30 years’ experience in recording studio design, analysis and construction, Malekpour Design Partners offer unparalleled expertise in all areas of design, specification and construction of recording studios.

When it comes to building a professional facility, our philosophy is always to put ourselves at the heart of your vision, to deliver not only your desired aesthetic and required functionality, but exceptional sonic accuracy and a creative, unrestrictive environment – so you can achieve the best results possible for your investment.

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