Augspurger® Monitors to unveil Limited Edition 25th Anniversary ‘Powered by TAD’ system at The NAMM Show

Augspurger® Monitors to unveil Limited Edition 25th Anniversary ‘Powered by TAD’ system at The NAMM Show

NAMM Show 2023, Anaheim, CA: To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, specialist loudspeaker manufacturer Augspurger® Monitors will unveil its Duo15-Sub1801-TAD — an all-new high-performance, four-way large active loudspeaker featuring TAD Laboratories drivers with DSPtune controlled amplification - at The NAMM Show, 2023.


Augspurger® Monitors 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Duo15-Sub1801-TAD system

The 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Duo15-Sub1801-TAD system shares many features of the Augspurger® Monitors’ flagship Duo series monitors, and includes the newly designed Duo15 cabinet fitted and voiced to the TAD TL1601b 15” Driver and new Sub1801, which has been specifically designed and optimized for the TAD DL1801 18” Subwoofer.

This four-way system uses the TAD TD-4001 compression driver with 4” Beryllium diaphragm, employing TAD’s proprietary vapor transfer process which offers a truly exceptional “natural” performance, and also the recently reissued ET-703a Super Tweeter - TAD’s revered high frequency driver, with performance up to 45khz.

“After 25 years and over 1000 installations globally, we’re thrilled to integrate TAD’s incredible sounding components into our highly-refined systems,” remarks Dave Malekpour, President at Augspurger® Monitors.

“We build to very high standards - from hand selecting the solid maple used in the horns, utilizing the finest components, amplification and driver technology, to our bespoke finishes - we focus on the quality and user pride and experience. This new ‘powered by TAD’ 25th anniversary edition performs accurately from 20hz to 45K, which far exceeds our standard system performance. It really is incredible.”

Each system is individually tuned, either remotely or onsite by Augspurger® Monitors’ own certified tuning engineers. The Duo15-Sub1801-TAD will be shipping from April 13th 2023, available worldwide and in a choice of custom colorways, for $64,000 / £55,000 GBP / 60,000 EU per pair.

The system will be unveiled on Booth #15308 in the North Hall at The NAMM Show 2023, on Thursday April 13, at 12pm local time. For more information and to enquire, please visit


About Augspurger® Monitors

Launched in the early 2000s, Augspurger® Monitors uses the latest technological advances in acoustic design and software to provide recording facilities with the most sonically accurate speakers possible. With astounding craftsmanship and high-quality components, coupled with incredible power and precision, Augspurger® Monitors have shaped the signature sound of iconic recording facilities worldwide, counting Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and Alicia Keys among its fans.

Augspurger® Monitors is part of the PAD Group of companies, which also includes:
Professional Audio Design Inc, Malekpour Design Partners, Studio Float, Jocavi USA, TAD Laboratories & Sontronics.

*Augspurger® Monitors of Hanover, MA is not affiliated with George Augspurger or Perception, Inc.

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