Z-SYSTEMS OptiPatch+

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Z-SYSTEMS OptiPatch+


Z-SYSTEMS OptiPatch+

The OptiPatch is a fully automated router, patchbay, and distribution amplifier for your Lightpipe and S/PDIF optical digital audio signals. Just hook all your optical fibers to the OptiPatch: controlling who speaks to whom is as simple as the touch of a few buttons. You can send one source to multiple destinations. You can select between multiple sources to a single destination. Or you can do anything in between. And once you've established a routing pattern, it can be saved and recalled later. The OptiPatch is similar to a z-8.8 Digital Detangler equipped with 15 optical inputs and 15 optical outputs. The only differences are the form factor (1RU) and the 9V DC power supply.

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