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Beautiful pair of legendary MGM Church Microphones with shock mounts and power supplies. Stanley Church was Chief Sound Engineer for the famed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Sound Department in the '50s. They bought a then-new Telefunken-badged Neumann U 47 to test and found that it was not good for soundstage applications; particularly dialog recording. The mic body generated too much noise, the electronics output was too hot for their equipment (which had been designed for low-output ribbon mics), and the mic pickup patterns weren't ideal. Plus, no one at MGM wanted to deal with obscure German tubes and transformers. However, they loved the sound qualities of the mic, as its presence peak and sensitivity were very useful for distant mic'ing.

Church ordered a bunch (less than 100 but more than 12, based on the number of known Church mics) of U 47 capsules from Neumann and set out to build his own mic body and electronics, utilizing a 6072 vacuum tube with a high-voltage circuit (though there are at least three circuit variations known). He focused on using off the shelf, U.S.- available parts for the electronics, in keeping with the Hollywood tradition of using non-exotic gear that was easily and quickly replaceable if it failed during a production day (when potentially millions of dollars of talent were on set). Church's "new" mic was written up in the SMPTE Journal's [Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers] 1956 "Year In Progress" roundup (indicating that it made its debut in 1955), with a nice photo showing the mic's innards. Church built the mics on his kitchen table, and built fewer than 100 of them. They are as rare as hen's teeth, and a closely matched pair is practically unheard of.



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