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AKG 451EB with CK-1 Capsule.

AKG’s C-451 “Condenser Modular Series” (CMS) microphones remains a popular studio microphone despite having been discontinued since 1994. The C-451 preamp body accepted a variety of detachable capsules, extension tubes, and pads, making it a versatile performer.

The “C-451 E” had an XLR output. The “C-451 C” had a DIN connector. Either way, the mic was AKG’s first FET condenser.

A subsequent design, the “C-451 EB,” had a switchable high-pass filter, providing a 14dB/octave cut at either 75Hz or 150Hz.

Fitted with AKG Acoustics CK-1 Cardioid capsule

Sensitivity: 9.5 mV/Pa

Freq. Resp.: 20 - 20,000 Hz

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