Synergistic Research Atmosphere Infinity

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Synergistic Research Atmosphere Infinity


Synergistic Research Atmosphere Infinity

Includes Red ATM: Atmosphere Tuning Module

Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

Imagine listening to Charlie Parker at Birdland, then walk into Carnegie Hall and get seated in the best seats in the house. This is possible when you add Atmosphere to your listening room. No other technology allows you to tailor the size and scale of your soundstage, with stunning realism, to accurately portray the music and venue you are experiencing. The Atmosphere is a two-channel, multi-wave RF field generator with the power to transport you to the live event. Simply place Atmosphere it is your room, turn it on, and tune out.

The NEW Atmosphere Infinity benefits from a more powerful signal generator and is now infinitely scalable with the addition of optional plug and play Satellite Atmosphere Towers for increased room saturation with more even RF dispersion than is possible with a single quad antenna Atmosphere tower. And because you can add one or more Atmosphere Satellite antennas controlled by a single Atmosphere Infinity you’ll have improved placement options perfect for difficult rooms that preclude a single Atmosphere Tower between your two main speakers; merely place one Atmosphere Infinity and additional Atmosphere Satellites in your listening room for added performance and added flexibility for your placement options. With Atmosphere Infinity and Atmosphere Satellites you experience Atmosphere’s seven acoustic scenes so convincingly you’ll swear you’ve been transported to a live event. Simply install the downloadable Atmosphere Control App to your iPad and select from a gallery of scenes that compliment different genres of music and acoustic spaces. To tune your acoustics and system with Synergistic Research UEF Technology to your favorite musical tracks, select a scene that corresponds to the type of music you’re listening to, and your iPad sends a Bluetooth command to your Atmosphere Infinity and optional Atmosphere Satellites altering their broadcast to optimize your room and system to match your favorite music. Atmosphere is engineered to work in conjunction with HFT’s, UEF Acoustic Panels and DOTs, as well as the Black Box low-frequency resonator array, SR cables equipped with UEF Shielding, and Tranquility Base UEF platforms for the ultimate integration of every aspect of a system and acoustic performance.

Who it’s for: The music lover with a full complement of Synergistic Research Acoustic Tech including HFT’s and or UEF Acoustic Panels and DOT’s and Black Box bass resonators looking for the ultimate in system room integration. They want the ability to actively control their acoustic environment to mirror different recordings and acoustic venues without the distortion of DSP processors that operate in-the-signal-path.

Dimensions - 52″ tall  (Base 9″ wide x 8.25″ deep)

Atmosphere Infinity and Atmosphere Mini X4 are the first expandable models in the line of Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generators. Using either ethernet port located on the rear of the Atmosphere Infinity or Atmosphere Mini X4 and the included ethernet cable, you can connect multiple Atmosphere towers, drastically increasing the performance of the Atmosphere acoustic system. Both ports on Atmosphere Satellites can be used as a signal in or signal out, allowing users to daisy chain multiple towers. Any Atmosphere Satellites connected to an Atmosphere Infinity or Atmosphere Mini X4 will broadcast an identical signal, allowing you to now control all of you Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generators through the iPad remote app with a single iPad.

ULF X4 Technology

Atmosphere XL4 and FEQ X4


ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) X4 technology adds four times the broadcast power of the original models.  Incorporating four antennas, X4 models provide a 360-degree signal dispersion pattern, significantly improving the effect of the Atmosphere Infinity, Atmosphere Mini X4, and FEQX4.  In addition to acoustic benefits, it also improves the performance of all SR products with UEF Technology. UEF Tech responds to specific ultra-low frequencies, so your Core UEF, Atmosphere X, and Galileo SX cables perform better, along with your HFT’s and UEF Acoustic Panels. Even Tranquility Base UEF component platforms and Black Box low-frequency resonator arrays perform with noticeably increased levels of performance when excited by the strategic ULF signal generated in a 360-degree wave pattern

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