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The SSL X-Rack is an 8-space 4U, 19" power rack exclusively for SSL preamp, EQ, and dynamics modules, featuring Total Recall snapshot automation, MIDI I/O, and cascade-ability

If the thought of owning an SSL AWS or Duality console exists only in the realm of fairies for you (or "unfairies" as the case may be), be of good cheer. The SSL sound is not out of reach thanks to the X-Logic X-Rack. The X-Rack uses the identical circuit design and manufacturing as the aforementioned Duality and AWS consoles. Its a modular rack system with SSL’s Total Recall™ that delivers classic to modern SSL sound in a highly versatile fashion. Each X-Rack chassis holds up to eight modules that run the gamut from classic 4000 E-series console EQ and dynamics, SuperAnalogue preamp, compression, and EQ from the XL 9000 K console, and VHD preamps from the Duality desk. The modules can be arranged in any configuration and linked for multi-channel operation and there are a wide variety of modules on offer.

SSL X-Logic X-Rack—Just the Facts:

  • Eight-space power rack for X-Logic modules
  • Total Recall™ snapshot automation
  • Premium-grade power supply
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Mix Bus Link port enables two X-Racks to be cascaded

SSL X-Rack Modules:

  • Stereo Bus Compressor Module
  • Channel EQ Module
  • Dynamics Module
  • E Series EQ Module
  • E-Series Dynamics Module
  • Stereo EQ Module
  • Stereo Dynamics Modules
  • VHD Input Module
  • Mic Amp Module

SSL X-Logic X-Rack—Under the Hood

The X-Rack chassis is an 8-space, 4U, 19" rack housing with a premium grade power supply, MIDI In/Out connections, and a Mix Bus Link port that enables two X-Racks to be cascaded. The chassis also houses the Total Recall system with onboard capacity to store 32 system snapshots (the snapshots can also be stored as MIDI SysEx).

DIY SSL mini-desk

With the SSL X-Rack, you can go old-school, modern era, or a combination of the two with the X-Rack modules. Build an ultra-transparent SuperAnalogue™ front end for your DAW, with preamp, EQ and dynamics. If the SL 4000 E-series and sound of the ’80s is your cup of tea, you can pile on some VHD-Pre modules, which include the Listen Back Compressor (you can’t get any more ’80s than that), plus E-series Brown and Black EQ and E-series dynamics. Or, you could have two flavors of mic pre EQ, and dynamics by combining the SuperAnalogue and E-series module, giving you the power to switch between classic SSL and modern SuperAnalogue. And then you can glue it all together with SSL’s famed stereo bus compressor.

Total Recall snapshot automation

The Total Recall computer stores all of the switch and rotary control positions for each X-Rack module in one of thirty-two internal storage locations. The snapshots can be recalled and compared with the current settings by using the modules’ front-panel LEDs, which light when the settings match. (If the module layout has changed since the snapshot was taken, only the modules that match will be recalled.) The contents of all the saved snapshots can be archived and restored as a MIDI system exclusive data dump. Taking away any concern about getting your sound back via Total Recall, the consistency of SSL electronics is proverbial. Two identical modules will show a virtually 100% cancellation when switched out of phase.

Additionally, the X-Rack can interface with the Total Recall system on AWS 900, AWS 900+ or Matrix consoles. This allows the settings of up to four (AWS 900/900+) or six (Matrix) X-Rack units to be stored along with the console settings.

PAD Fun Fact: In the early days of analog consoles, once a song was mixed, it was considered a done deal, hopefully never to be spoken of again. However, sometime later, if an artist with enough clout wanted a Mulligan, there would be great wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth by both intern and engineer who set about the arduous task of resetting the console, outboard, and dealing with the fact that the mix never sounded exactly the same. Eventually, some clever engineer figured out a rudimentary means of console recall; the snapshot. The snapshot was performed with a Polaroid instant camera (hence the term, snapshot). Imagine capturing all the settings accurately on a 72-channel desk with 3" x 5" photos. There had to be a better way . . . and in the late ’70s, SSL came up with one; Total Recall snapshot automation.

Solid State Logic X-Rack delivers the very highest quality analog recording path and is the perfect configurable solution for studio or live settings. For help configuring a system to suit your production goals, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist today.


  • Operating: 5 to 30 Deg. C
  • Non-operating: –20 to 50 Deg. C
  • Max. gradient: 15 Deg. C/Hour

Relative Humidity

  • Operating: 20 to 80%
  • Non-operating: 5 to 90%
  • Max. wet bulb: 29 Deg. C (non-condensing)


  • Operating: < 0.2 G (3Hz - 100Hz)
  • Non-operating, power off: < 0.4 G (3Hz - 100Hz)


  • Operating: < 2 G (10mSec. Max.)
  • Non-operating: < 10 G (10mSec. Max.)


  • Operating: 0 to 3000m (above sea level)
  • Non-operating: 0 to 12,000m


  • 50 watts / 60VA with 8 modules fitted

Dimensions (approx.)

  • Height:7" / 178 mm (4 RU)  excluding feet
  • Width: 19" / 483 mm including rack ears; 17-3/8" / 440 mm (excluding rack ears)
  • Depth 7-3/16" / 180mm (excluding front panel knob(s) and connectors; 10-3/16" / 255mm (including connectors, excluding front panel knob(s)


  • Without modules fitted: 6.2 lb. / 2.8kg
  • With blank panels fitted: 7.7 /3.5kg              
  • With modules fitted: 11 lb. / 5.0kg



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