SPL MixDream XP Mk2

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SPL MixDream XP Mk2


SPL MixDream XP Mk2

The puristic summing mixer with Class A technology.

As an analog 16-in-2 Class A summing device, MixDream XP Mk2 offers impressive sound quality and brings together single tracks in a musical way. The spatial depth of the stereo stage and the harmonic coherency of the summed signals make mixing through an analog summing device a very special experience.

The Mk2 generation of the MixDream XP offers the same outstanding audio quality as its predecessor thanks to the internal audio operating voltage of +/-30 V. In addition to the new design and an even better feel, the MixDream XP Mk2 offers another new feature: the individually switchable -18 dB level attenuation for the last four stereo channels. This is how the analog summing gets the best out of every mix!

Analog Summing

Analog summing with the MixDream XP Mk2 brings intense depth, precise localisation and impressive spatiality. Individual instruments mix with smooth transitions. 

For the analog summing, individual tracks from the computer are sent via D/A converters into the MixDream XP Mk2. These are summed in the MixDream XP Mk2 and then recorded again as a stereo signal via an A/D converter in the DAW software.

The MixDream XP Mk2 is designed for stereo summing of up to 16 audio tracks in the analog domain. In combination with digital production systems, the advantages of analog and digital techniques can thus be ideally combined: digital convenience is complemented by the sound quality that until now only the best analog consoles have been able to deliver. Conceptually, the reduction to high-quality analog summing without panorama controls and faders offers the great advantage of being able to retain the entire scope of computer automation.

So when using the MixDream XP Mk2, the usual workflow with the DAW does not have to be changed, all techniques and options of a DAW can still be used without any restrictions.


The first four channel pairs of the MixDream XP Mk2 (1/2 to 7/8) can be switched from stereo to mono via the Mono switch (red status LED lights up). This is important for mono signals that should be positioned exactly in the center of the mix (kick, snare, lead vocal, bass, …). In stereo mode, the two channels are generally panned hard left/ right. This basic setting is useful for all stereo signals. Panorama settings and automation of the DAW remain perfectly unchanged.

-18 dB

The level of the last four channel pairs of the MixDream XP Mk2 (9/10 to 15/16) can be attenuated by 18 dB via the -18 dB switch (blue status LED lights up). Low level signals in the mix can thus be played back and get converted with a higher level, therefore with a higher digital resolution, from the DAW. This preserves more details and sonic characteristics.

Tip: This can work wonders for digital reverbs (especially plug-ins)!


The Output control adjusts the output level of the MixDream XP Mk2. The control range can be set from -10 dB to +5 dB. 

With the output control a perfect control for following AD-converters can be performed. 

Since the main and monitor outputs are configured in parallel, the output control always affects both output pairs.

Variable Output

The output control is switched on or off with the Variable Output switch.

When the Variable Output switch is deactivated, the input level is maintained at 1:1 (Unity Gain).


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