Pearl Microphone Labs TL44

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Pearl Microphone Labs TL44


Pearl Microphone Labs TL44

This microphones is equal in a mode of application, but they are different in the technical specification. This microphones uses the classic Pearl capsule with rectangular dual membranes mounted back-to-back in its compact black chrome body. A variety of polar patterns may be obtained by bringing the output of each membrane into separate mixer channels. In effect they provides two discrete cardioid outputs which may be used simultaneously or independently one of the other to obtain cardioid, omni, figure of eight, 180 degrees coincident stereo and virtually any pattern in between by use of the mixing console. The beauty is the versatility which allow it to handle a variety of the tasks at hand. For instance; it may be used as the single stereo microphone for a direct to tape live recording in the afternoon, then be brought back to the studio and used as cardioid mic for an acoustic guitar during a multitrack session in the evening, and then used late a night as a figure-of-eight mic for recording background vocal duet.

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