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The DN4888 is the perfect solution for connecting additional equipment to your monitor or FOH console. It provides 8 additional analogue in and outputs to enable for 8 analogue inserts or the connection to wireless devices, like 8 wireless microphones and 8 wireless in-ear systems. 

The StageConnect interface can be connected to other StageConnect devices using a single XLR cable for multi-channel audio transmission. There are various I/O options available providing easily scalable connectivity in your side rack. The devices of the DN48XX Series can be daisy-chained and will negotiate the channels for their respective connectivity automatically. 


  • Breakout box with 8 balanced XLR line in and 8 balanced XLR line out for StageConnect systems
  • Can be used as analogue I/O box for other StageConnect devices, Turbosound iQ speakers or Behringer WING and Ultranet receivers, such as P16 personal monitoring mixers
  • StageConnect 32-channel audio transmission at sub-millisecond latency, 24-Bit uncompressed PCM, 44.1/48 kHz using standard XLR microphone or DMX cable
  • Allows cascading with other StageConnect boxes, such as DN4816-I and DN4816-O for more analogue inputs and outputs
  • Flexible connectivity on stage and between side racks using any balanced microphone cable
  • Supports bi-directional audio configurations, with control data and 12 VDC / 18 W remote power
  • Master mode allows exchanging multichannel audio with a chain of other StageConnect devices
  • Slave modes offer 8x8 or 16x8 channel configurations to be used with StageConnect-enabled mixing consoles, stageboxes and hubs
  • Dual Ultranet outputs for feeding Behringer P16 personal monitoring and Turbosound iQ speaker systems directly from StageConnect and analogue inputs
  • External power supply for standalone use and offering remote power on the StageConnect Master output

StageConnect – The Future of XLR

What if any standard XLR or DMX cable could be used to transmit more than one channel of audio?

What if that cable could transmit signals not only one way, but bi-directionally?

What if that cable would allow the passage of control data or even MIDI at the same time?

What if a connected StageConnect device could receive up to 18 W of power through that same cable?

Well, these capabilities are exactly what StageConnect delivers – a new interface standard to be released by Music Tribe after two years of development. The Midas DN48XX Series is one of the first available I/O-Interfaces based on the StageConnect-Standard. This new standard comes with outstanding technical specs: 32 channels of uncompressed PCM audio in various I/O configurations, 24-bit at 48 kHz, below 0.05 ms of latency.

For optimum performance and long cable runs 110 Ohm DMX cable is required.

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