$ 106.00

Ircam Verb Session, is based on the very same fine technology used in the acclaimed Ircam Verb, tailored for simplicity providing a fast paced workflow for achieving the perfect result instantly, presenting the ultimate high-end reverb solution for your traditional mono/stereo audio production, whether you’re a seasoned session engineer or a demanding broadcast and post-production mixer.

Merging Technologies is proud to announce that the industry acclaimed Flux Plugin team have partnered to offer their new Flux Verb Full Reverb & Flux Verb Session Reverb multichannel Reverb in a range of Pyramix software packs. These VS3 reverbs are the perfect match for Pyramix’s new 3 dimensional capabilities.

* Flux Verb Session Reverb is available in Pyramix Native Standard & MassCore Standard / Flux Verb Full Reverb is available in Native Pro, MassCore Pro & MassCore Extended