$ 821.00

At the other end of the chain, the render plugins b-com [Render HOA2Bin], b-com [Render HOA2Spk] and b-com [Render Spk2Bin] operate the rendering of the spatialized sound scene in a headset or for a loudspeaker device.


  • Listen to your 3D audio mix over standard headphones
  • Work with your favorite DAW
  • Choose the filters that best fit your ears
  • Choose your virtual environment
  • Work with all major 2D and 3D audio formats
  • Easily monitor each speaker channel
  • Start creating immediately


  • Binaural virtual loudspeakers
  • Standard VST or AAX plugin
  • Database of HRTFs
  • Anechoic and reverberated HRTFs
  • Up to 32-channel input
  • Click to Solo
  • User-friendly and intuitive GUI