$ 2,452.00


Pyramix’s DeNoiser and DeScratcher options have been specially developed for Merging by Algorithmix to make best use of the processing power available in the system resulting in a very powerful, high quality and real-time restoration package.

The DeNoiser Plug-In is a single-ended noise reduction system. This means it will operate to remove broadband noise artifacts directly from an existing signal and does not need any special encoding procedure before recording.

Cedar Audio Restoration Suite for Pyramix

A full range of restoration processes for Merging Technologies' "Pyramix" systems. Remove clicks, crackle, thumps, and hiss using the best restoration tools within the Pyramix environment, and ensure that your audio is free of all unwanted sounds and noises using the latest revision of CEDAR Retouch™.


The De-Scratcher PlugIn effectively removes clicks and crackles from old vinyl and shellac (78rpm) records, or audio recordings tainted by switching noise, digital cross-talk, or thyristor buzz. Unlike other systems, Pyramix’s De-Scratcher is real-time and works virtually without artifacts, providing the correct setting for all parameters.