Lexicon PCM 90 Digital Reverberator

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Lexicon PCM 90 Digital Reverberator
(From The Hit Factory!)

Recently serviced by Lexicon tech, and in excellent working order/Reconditioned by Beamish and 60 day limited warranty.

The PCM 90 features a range of versatile high-quality reverberation programs which derive their heritage from Lexicon's top-of-the-line studio processors, the 480L and Model 300. Its unique dual-processor architecture -- featuring two of Lexicon's proprietary reverb DSP ICs, the Lexichip(TM) II, allows unparalleled flexibility in reverberation quality and control. It's companion product, the PCM 80, offers the highest quality effects, with reverb heritage from the Lexicon's legendary PCM 70. "The two units are designed to be able to be used as a system," says Lexicon's Director of Product Management, Steve De Furia "and while you can, of course, use the units independently, together they're phenomenal." Both units feature true stereo capability with 1 8-bit A/D converters as well as digital inputs, and a 24-bit internal digital bus. As a system, the PCM 80 and PCM 90 offer as many as 4 independent inputs and outputs, digital or analog. The PCM 90 ships with 250 all-new presets designed with real-world applications in mind. Banks and rows are labeled logically and clearly so you can find the sounds you want as you scroll through the presets.The PCM 90 gives you Lexicon's renowned high-end reverb effects with a powerful new interface that provides easy access to superbly crafted presets as well as a wealth of programming capabilities for the sound designer. The PCM 90 contains a built-in library of 250 reverb effects that simulate realistic halls, rooms and plates, and let you create completely natural, or other-worldly spaces. The presets are organized into 5 Banks of 50, and are functionally grouped for different applications.

Program Sorting:
A program sorting function allows you to tag programs with KeyWords and display only programs which have been tagged. (Press Program Banks or Register Banks repeatedly to step through all available banks and then to the KeyWord display.) The default KeyWord selection, A to Z, allows you to view all of the presets in alphabetical order. Others allow you to view, for example, only Acoustic or Spatial effects. Each preset has already been assigned from 1 to 4 KeyWords — you can easily change these assignments in Edit mode. The selection of the KeyWord you want to use for sorting is accessed in Control mode.

Soft Control
Each preset has one or more of its parameters patched to the front panel ADJUST knob, giving you instant control over the primary aspect of the effect — without going into Edit mode. As many as four additional Custom Controls can be created for any effect, allowing you to tailor presets for specific applications. We've created some interesting Custom Controls in the presets, and assigned them descriptive names. You can change both the parameter assignments and the names in Edit mode.

The PCM 90 uses 5 stereo algorithms to create different types of reverb effects. Each algorithm includes an uncompromised stereo reverb effect with selected "tools" for ambience, post-processing, compression/expansion, as well as modulation and patching parameters which are common to each algorithm.

Tempo Control
The PCM 90 gives you a unique set of tempo controls.Tempos can be tapped in with the front panel Tap button (or an assigned controller) or “dialed-in”, in BPM (beats per minute) on the display. The PCM 90 also lets you generate MIDI clock from your tempo, as well as receive MIDI tempo from an external sequencer or drum machine. In the PCM 90, tempo can control LFO speeds and Time Switch controls, as well as all delay parameters, ensuring that all of your modulations are in tempo with your music. You can even set independent rhythmic values for different parameters within a single program.

An enormous range of editing control is provided for each algorithm, with parameters organized in an edit matrix. In addition to providing this powerful sound design capability, the PCM 90 also allows you to customize these controls for your day-to-day editing needs, or to use a subset of controls specially designed for each preset.

User Interface
For all of its programming power and flexibility, you’ll find the PCM 90 simple to use. The large, 2-line fluorescent display is easy to see from any angle whether the surroundings are bright or dark. Separate SELECT and ADJUST knobs make program loading and editing quick and easy. We’ve even designed in a special Info mode — press and hold any button to find out what its function is, or to get status information such as the name of the running effect, current tempo rate, etc



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