Lexicon PCM-70

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The PCM70 is one of Lexicon's finest and most enduring digital effects processors with a distinct personality and magnificent sound. The PCM70 is an industry standard found in all the best studios and often specified as first choice on equipment riders. The PCM70 features a spectacular depth of sonic capabilities and tremendous MIDI effects control, although its presets offer classic Lexicon effects with a few easy button pushes.

Simply Sophisticated
The front panel of the PCM70 does not reveal its sophisticated nature. From this simple array of controls you have access to over 40 preset effects, 50 user registers and 70 variable parameters.

The programs include reverberation, delay, effects combinations including reverse and gated reverb, flanging, chorus, multi-tap delay, spin, circular, pan, filters and a mixture of delay and chorusing.

By adding any MIDI control device such as a keyboard or sequencer, the PCM70 gives you two more ways to control its effects. First, you can store and access your custom sounds in 50 non-volatile registers by associating them with a MIDI Program Change command.

What's more, you can exploit Lexicon's Dynamic MIDI, which lets you modulate up to 10 parameters in real time by patching them to MIDI controls such as Note Number, Modulation Wheel, and Pitch Bender.



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