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Preowned Lexicon 480L with LARC remote. Just serviced and upgraded to V 4.1 Software, excellent working condition.

The Lexicon 480L is hailed as one of the greatest digital reverb processors of all time. If you are looking for exact replication of an acoustic space, the 480L is probably not for you. However if you are looking for lush, detailed, rich and pleasing sounding reverb or ambience, the 480L will give you the musical, deep reverb sound found on hit records for the past 25+ years.

With resident software, the 480L has 21 Banks of 10 Presets each containing the widest variety available of premier quality algorithms, including the classic 480 Halls, and Rooms, Brick Wall, Silica Beads,and 40 Voice Effects (like the classic Vocal Whispers), Digital Compression, Stereo Adjust mastering, 3 second stereo or 6 second mono Sampler, Prime Time III, Mix Finish, Doppler and Pitch Effects, Plates, Random Halls, Rooms and Ambience (the smallest room size now extends down to 2 square meters).

The optional Classic Cart provides the sought after sounds of Lexicon's 224XL, including the Concert Hall, Rich Plate, 6-Voice Chorus and Multiband Delays algorithms.

2-in/4-out stereo processing, the 480 is capable of running two uncompromised stereo programs in Cascade or two mono in/stereo out in the Split Modes

The pervasive and powerful LARC (Lexicon Alphanumeric Remote Control) is standard, enabling the mainframe to be located in a machine room.

Full Dynamic MIDI implementation allows for simple program change messages or automated effects when using a SysEx recording device. MIDI Bulk Dumps provide instant recall via consoles capable of SysEx
automation. Innovation Is Our Only Constant Applying creativity, research, and technology to advance the art and the science of digital audio is the driving passion at Lexicon. Since introducing the world's first digital audio product in 1971, we have continually enhanced digital technology in the audio world.

The 480L Digital Effects System embodies Lexicon's relentless pursuit of the state-of-the-art. Top producers and engineers the world over rely upon its extensive sonic capabilities and processing power. Since its inception, the 480L has been used on more gold and platinum recordings, as well as top-grossing film soundtracks, than any other system of its kind. Moreover, Lexicon processing is used by over 80% of all record companies for mixing and mastering.

Good Isn't Good Enough Anymore
The advent of CD and Laserdisc, DAT, stereo TV, hi-fi VCR's, Dolby and THX decoders for home theater, and emerging technologies like HDTV, have forever changed our expectations of sonic quality. Today, more than ever, audiences are scrutinizing audio quality.

To meet higher levels of audio sophistication, the recording and post-production industries have increasingly become digital environments. More stringent standards for audio quality are demanded of every link in the signal chain. Reverb and effects are no exception.

Recent technological advances have spawned a proliferation of inexpensive units with sounds and performance that would have been more than adequate a few years ago. Although this new technology has helped improve the specifications of these units, something is clearly missing when they try to recreate spaces. Lexicon's on-going research and collective experience has helped develop software algorithms and complimentary hardware platforms which provide a more accurate interpretation of reality.

The 480L is considerably more than the worlds finest digital reverb. Its processing tools are unmatched by any other effects device in the world. Its modular hardware provides Lexicons engineers the freedom to write software on a new level of sophistication and complexity. This has allowed us to create programs tailored for a wide range of recording, mixing, and mastering applications. After all, why would a studio invest in a processor whose limitations become obvious after only one or two projects?

Furthermore, its direct digital interface allows the 480L to integrate seamlessly into all digital production and mastering. Analog performance is also exceptional. With 98 dB dynamic range and 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response in the "wet" signal path, the 480L processes without raising the noise floor, even on a digital master.



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