Hammond C3/Leslie 147 Package

SKU: Hammond C3/Leslie 147 Package
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Hammond C3/Leslie 147 Package

Hammond C3. Sister to the B3, it is identical in every operational way. The B3 weighs 425 pounds and the C is even heavier as it has a more extensive wooden frame which surrounds the bass of the organ. This is a popular church organ. However, it has been noted that Bs are more available in America and Cs are easier to acquire in Europe. Not a few roadies have almost met their untimely demise lugging this beast around from venue to venue. The Hammond played by Chris Copping in the Beat Workshop video is just as large: it may be an A series. You can tell it's not a C3 from the console fittings of the cabinet. C3 slopes down and the others slope ever so gently upwards.

The Model 147 has the same cabinet, speaker, and mechanical components as the Model 122; however, the amplifier input and motor speed control circuits are different. This is primarily because this series was designed to be "universal," which means it could be connected to other organ brands. The signal input is "single-ended," allowing a simpler connection to organs, that have a built-in speaker system, such as the Hammond A100 or a Wurlitzer. The Model 122 input is a differential "double-ended," or "balanced line," design that provides for cancellation of any spurious noise that may be present. Also, the motor speed switching uses a separate 120 volts AC signal, rather than the DC voltage control of the Model 122. In operation, the noticeable differences between the Model 122 and the Model 147 are the Model 122's lower susceptibility to induced noise, and a delay between operation of the speed control and the actual change in speed. Just like with the 122 and 142, the Leslie Model 145 is identical to Model 147, except that it is housed in a 33-inch-tall cabinet, and thus slightly easier to transport than the 41-inch-tall Model 147.



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