Grace Design Model 801R 8 Channels Preamp Pair with Remote Unit (Used)

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Grace Design Model 801R 8 Channels Preamp Pair with Remote Unit (Used)


Grace Design Model 801R 8 Channels Preamp Pair with Remote Unit (Used)

2 Grace Designs Model 801R 8 Channel Preamps in very condition. These 801R's have been fully gone through by our certified techs and function perfect, minor cosmetic damage can been seen in the pictures.  These units come with 2 power supply units, 1 remote, all standard cabling included and users manual.

The 801R system consists of an 8 channel preamplifier chassis, a power supply chassis and an optional RCU . The preamplifier chassis contains 8 audio amplifier PCBs, a micro controller PCB and a front panel LCD display. The preamplifier chassis is equipped with two Phillips IC Bus connectors (D-sub 9 pin) and MIDI IN and OUT connectors. The RCU contains identical micro controller and display PCBs and has a single Phillips IC Bus connector.

The preamplifier can be controlled by the RCU, via MIDI, or directly from its front panel.  The RCU connects to the preamplifier via IC which provides a bi-directional data link.

The RCU can control more than one preamplifier. By connecting the remote unit to one preamplifier and then connecting the remaining preamplifier units together with IC cables in a daisy chain fashion.

You can link up to eight 801R preamps and control the entire arrangement from up to 1000 feet away with a single dedicated desktop remote control unit. Adjustment of any preamp channel is instant and easy, and via the clear, simple user interface you have fast access to parameters like gain, phase, mute and more. Behind this precise control is the Model 801's classic, beautiful sound, a combination that makes the Model 801R the perfect preamp for your DAW, recording studios, even your live recording applications. Its performance, versatility and sonic excellence has earned the 801R the 1998 Pro Audio Review PAR Excellence Award. Add a Model 801R to your setup and join the ranks of audio professionals who consider the 801R one of the best preamps available!

The front panels of the RCU and the 801R preamplifier are identical and consist of the following controls and indicators:

+48 Volt phantom power push-button
PHASE reverse push-button
GROUP push-button
PEAK Indicator Reset push-button
DATA Variable function rotary encoder with push-button
MODE select push-button
LCD display 64x240 pixels

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