Focal Musical Fidelity M2SCD | CD PLAYER

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Focal Musical Fidelity M2SCD | CD PLAYER


Focal Musical Fidelity M2SCD | CD PLAYER

The M2scd is a top-quality CD player with superb sound.

Like the matching M2si integrated amplifier, the M2scd is designed as serious hi-fi available at a modest price. From the fine fit and finish of its metal casework to the unique technology sitting inside, the M2scd exceeds expectations. The M2scd builds on our years of engineering expertise, uniquely featuring both a mains choke filter and a high-tech digitalstream noise filter. Such innovations enable the player to deliver technical performance; it boasts low distortion and a virtually flat frequency response, plus minimal noise and jitter.

The M2scd's DAC design also draws from its high-end siblings, using cutting-edge technology to ensure excellent data recovery from your discs. Simply put, that means you'll hear more from your music. Reviews say "a very mature and polished performer", which "sounds refined and elegant".

M2scd - Specifications


  • Output impedance: 50 ohms
  • Output, digital 0dB level: RCA output - 2.2V r.m.s. nominal


    • DAC circuit: 24 bit Delta-Sigma (bit stream) dual differential 8x over-sampling
    • Total correlated jitter: <135 picoseconds peak to peak
    • Linearity: <0.1dB down to -96dB
    • Frequency response: 10Hz to 20 kHz -0.2dB max.
    • Channel separation: >105dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: >117dB “a”- wtd.
    • Total harmonic distortion: <0.003% 10Hz to 20 kHz


      • Line level outputs: 1 pair line level RCA connectors, left and right outputs
      • Digital outputs: 1 RCA coaxial connector SPDIF, 1 TOSLINK optical connector

        Power requirement

        • Mains voltages 115/230VAC 50/60Hz (factory pre-set)
        • 100VAC 50/60Hz (alternative)
        • Consumption 20 Watts maximum


          • Unit only, unboxed 6.65 kg (14⅔ lbs)
          • In shipping carton 10.5 kg (23 lbs)


            • Wide 440 mm (17⅓”)
            • High, including feet 100 mm (4”)
            • Deep (front to back) including terminals 375 mm (14¾”)

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