Focal ALPHA 80

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The 8", 140W (100W LF/40W HF) Focal Alpha 80 is a versatile and powerful active 2-way nearfield monitor with dual simultaneous inputs and Focal's proprietary Polyglass driver and inverted dome tweeter.

If you were concerned that Focal's high-quality monitoring was out of reach, your worries are over. The affordable Alpha 80 features proprietary speaker technologies that are responsible for Focal's popularity among the ranks of pro audio's most highly regarded professionals. For those who want more bass response and power, the bi-amplified Alpha 80 pumps 140 watts into 8" woofer and 40 watts into Focal's aluminum inverted dome tweeter, making it a monitor that's equally at home as a reference for acoustic and electric instruments as well as bass-heavy electronica and R&B. The Alpha 80 enables two simultaneous input sources over XLR and RCA, which eliminates the need for monitor management, plus, there's an energy-saving auto-off feature that shuts the speaker down after 30 minutes of no signal passing through the speaker. With a flat ±3dB frequency response from 35Hz to 22kHz, the Alpha 80 has an un-hyped neutral response across the audible spectrum along with the detail and spatial accuracy that make Focal monitors a first-choice for A-list recording, mixing, and post-production engineers.

 Focal Alpha 80 - Just the Facts: 

  • Aluminum inverted dome tweeter
  • 8" (16.5 cm) Polyglass cone
  • 2 constantly active XLR and RCA inputs
  • Low directivity keeps the same sound throughout the room
  • Damping and rigidity: neutrality, no distortion
  • Tonal balance is identical at low and high volumes; low sensitivity to the wall effects
  • Connect up to 2 audio sources
  • Optimal acoustic integration
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Automatic standby mode
  • Adjustable bass and treble levels
  • Large front port

Focal Alpha 80 - Behind the Grille

Focal's unique inverted-dome tweeter

Focal's innovative inverted dome aluminum tweeter provides a level of high-frequency detail that traditional HF drivers are incapable of. By mechanical coupling of the dome and voice coil, the inverted dome provides precise control of compression and rarefaction, which in turn results in superior dynamics and spatialization - the key to accurate assessment of fine details in a mix, such as stereo imaging and reverb tails. It also provides more dispersion than standard designs, which makes speaker placement less critical.

The secret behind the inverted dome's performance is a fixed voice coil, mid-height on the dome, which moves the entire surface of the cone in a uniform fashion. The positive dome is joined only at its edge creating a flexible surface. With optimal efficiency, the inverted dome radiates directly into the air for an extremely precise sound stage. Additionally, the dome's response curve is far more linear than any positive dome, providing better dispersion and very low directivity.  

The low-distortion specs of the Alpha 80 are a function of the damping qualities of magnesium combined with the rigidity of aluminum, which reduces ear fatigue in long mixing sessions. The aluminum/magnesium alloy also exhibits an incredibly fast impulse response and very short reset time, which is the key to its ability to reproduce fast transients - the source of spatial recognition.

Focal's patented Polyglass cone

The Alpha 80's proprietary Polyglass driver comprises molten glass microballs applied to a cellulose pulp cone. This unique process combines the excellent damping quality of paper with the rigidity of glass. The rigidity of Polyglass exceeds single-skin Kevlar, and is nearly ten times greater than that of polypropylene. The superior mass/rigidity/damping ratio of Polyglass results in outstanding linearity in the driver's frequency response, which yields greatly increased definition in the midrange, resulting in transparent, uncolored sound.

Class AB bi-amplification

Alpha 80 uses Class AB amplifiers with large power supplies. A Class AB amp provides the sound quality of the Class A topology (used on high-end audio designs) with the efficiency of Class B. With enhanced dynamic performance and sound quality, the Alpha 80's bi-amplification is 70 watts LF and 35 watts HF.  

Focal Alpha 80 - power and control

The Alpha 80's cabinet is medium density fiberboard (MDF), which provides greater resistance to sympathetic vibration than molded plastic enclosures that are commonly used on competing budget monitors. The Alpha 80 cabinet has dual front-facing bass ports, which allows you to place the Alpha 80s close to a wall without excessive bass buildup. To keep your electric bills under control, the Alpha 80 has a green-leaning feature, which is its automatic standby. If no signal passes through it for 30 minutes, the Alpha 80 enters a meditative state (okay, it's really sleeping). Once signal runs through it, the Alpha 80's consciousness returns to the physical plane, ready to resume mixing.  

Rear-panel controls include a low-frequency shelving EQ with ±6dB boost/cut and high-frequency shelving EQ with ±3dB cut/boost. The rear-panel balanced XLR input and unbalanced RCA inputs both remain active and can be used simultaneously. With the XLR set for +4dBv operation and RCA set at -10dBu, can play two sound sources, professional and consumer, without a monitor controller; simply switch on and off at the source. There is also a Sensitivity switch that toggles between 0dB and +6dB for additional level, to compensate for a low-output D/A interface or other connected sound source. This feature enables you to increase headroom without overdriving and clipping your D/A converters, keeping your sound clean. The Sensitivity switch is also placed high up on the rear panel so you can easily reach behind the Alpha 80 and changes settings without disturbing speaker placement.

The Alpha 80 puts Focal's professional audio reproduction in the hands of home and project studios, as well as DJs and electronica producers. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist today.

  • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 35Hz - 22kHz
  • Power: 140W (100W+40W)
  • Maximum SPL: 109dB SPL (pic @ 1m)
  • Inputs Connectors: XLR balanced 10k ohm; RCA unbalanced 10k ohm with sensitivity compensation
  • LF amplifier stage: 100W, class AB
  • HF amplifier stage: 40W, class AB
  • Standby mode: Standby
  • Activation of the monitor
  • After about 30 minutes without using the monitor By signal detection >3 mV
  • Power supply: 220-240V (the voltage can not be modified) (fuse 800mAL/250V) or 100-120V (fuse T1.6AL/250V)
  • Connection: IEC inlet and detachable power cord
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, 0dB or +6dB
  • LF shelving (0 - 300Hz): Adjustable, +/-6dB
  • HF shelving (4.5 - 22kHz): Adjustable, +/-3dB
  • Power: On/off (switch on rear panel)
  • Standby mode power consumption: < 0.5W
  • Power on/off LED, standby LED
  • Woofer: 8" (21cm) drive unit - Polyglass cone
  • Tweeter: 1" (25mm) drive unit Aluminum inverted dome
  • Cabinet construction: 0.6" (15mm) MDF
  • Finish: Vinyl and Black painting
  • Dimensions with 4 rubber pads (HxWxD): 15.6" x 11.3" x 13.7" (397 x 287 x 348mm)
  • Weight: 28.2lb (12.8kg)





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