Eventide UltraHarmonizer H3000 D/SX (Used)

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Eventide UltraHarmonizer H3000 D/SX (Used)


Eventide UltraHarmonizer H3000 D/SX (Used)

The Eventide H3000 Ultra-Hannonizer is a family of products based around a multi-purpose programmable, digital audio signal processor. The products that make up the H3000 family are:

The Eventide H3000-S (Studio), the Eventide H3000-SE (Special Edition). the Eventide H3000-B (Bmadcut), the Eventide H3000-3+. the Eventide H3000-B/LT, the Eventide H3000-D/SX, the Eventide H3000-D/SE, the Eventide H3500-db: and the Eventide H3500-dfic/e. The H3500 models are also available in broadcast versions.

We call them Ultra because they do more than our earlier models. To begin with. they have full stereo pitch change. They also are digital reverbs. And they're a lot more. The Eventide H3000 is capable of creating efects you've never herd before. The Eventide H3000 is fully MIDI controllable, with click less, real-time MIDI control. The Eventide H3000 has all these effects, and more, at your fingertips:

DIATONIC SHIFT - A pitch shifter that stays in key
DUAL SHIFT - Two separate pitch shifters
LAYERED SHIFT - Two pitch shifts from one input
STEREO SHIFT - Mon0-compatible stereo pitch shifling (maintains stereo imaging)
REVERSE SHIFT - Backwards-talking pitch shift
SWEPT COMBS - Six sweepable delay lines, with stereo panning
SWEPT REVERE - A dense reverb with smooth sweep capability
REVERB FACTORY - A full-featured reverb with EQ and flexible gating
ULTRA-TAP - Twelve delay taps with full control over panning, level, and delay, Includes a diffusor to generate dense gated reverb effects.
DUAL DIGIPLEX - A stereo delay with smooth delay change
LONG DIGIPLEX - A 1.5 second delay with smooth delay control
PATCH FACTORY - A “modular” efects program which lets you design your own effect. “Pateh” together delay lines, filters and pitch shifiing to create never-heard-before effects.
STUTTER - Get that st..st..stutter sound - effortlessly
DENSE ROOM - Our densest reverb, with unique front/back position control
VOCODER - This is our version of the classic vocoding effect
MULTI-SHIFT - Two six-octave pitch shiflers, two delays, panning and patchable feedback paths make this program incredibly useful.
BAND DELAY - A multi-tap delay line feeding eight resonant bandpass filters make for some sounds like you've never heard.
STRING MODELLER - This program lets the H3000 double as an extra voice in your MIDI rack
PHASER - A wonderfirlly thick, smooth, phase-shifting effect that is hard to beat
MOD FACTORY - The latest algorithms that add effects such as delay ducking, BPM delays and sweeps, compression, manual flanging, smooth auto panning, audio triggered sweeps and much more
SAMPLER - Included in the H3500 - dfx, digitally records up to 11.8 seconds stereo or 23.7 seconds mono audio (47.5 seconds of stereo or 95 seconds of mono audio with the H3500 - dfx/e)

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