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This limited edition model comes standard with every program preset found in the DSP4000, GTR4000 and DSP4000B... and Alchemy 101, a brand new collection of 225 presets.
You get over 1000 program presets in all, far more than any other effects processor ever made.
The DSP4500 also includes as standard, an 87-second internal sampler.

The limited edition Eventide DSP4500 Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processor isn't just a great signal processor. It's three of the most versatile, most musical, most creative, most programmable signal processors ever built. It's over 1000 sonically impeccable program presets, plus the ability to create your own. It's the power of a built-in sampler. It's the greatest value ever in a professional processor for recording studios, live performance, radio and TV stations and post-production facilities. But most of all, it's the box that shatters all previous limits to give you that extra edge.

The outstanding success of Eventide's DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer¨ brand studio effects processor has led to two additional versions of the platform: The DSP4000B , with specially written software for broadcast and production, and the GTR4000, the industry's first and only professional guitar processor. Eventide has also created a versatile internal sampler for use with the 4000 series models.


The DSP4500 contains every one of the effects that made the GTR4000 the choice of the world's top players. Case in point: The incredible Picker's Paradise template, a pre-configured master effects routing template that makes it easy to tap into the creative power of the DSP4500's patch editor. Picker's Paradise lets you create ten effects boxes right at your fingertips. Each one full bandwidth, full quality. Compare that to typical multi-effects boxes, with effects quality that starts off limited and degrades from there as you string effects together. To a pro, this alone is worth the price of the DSP4500. The DSP4500 also lets you create and customize "virtual pedalboards" Ñ up to six simultaneous pedals, with instant on/off and parameter changes in real time Ñ strapped via MIDI to your favorite MIDI foot controller. Real time switching between pedals assures instant effects access during solos, rhythm or lead breaks.


Top name artists have seized the power of the 4000 platform to create custom presets. People like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Jimmy Olander (Diamond Rio), Matt Henderson and Michael James have written the most expressive presets ever created for any effects processor. Scott Gilfixs new Alchemy 101 library of presets also debuts in the DSP4500. This amazing collection includes a chromatic tuner (accurate to one cent), tap tempo delays, new reverbs and some exciting preamp flavors (you can plug your instrument right into a DSP4500). Its dynamics bank is packed with useful compressors, noisegates, panners and tremolos.



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