$ 250.00

The CR72 two-way, passive, full range cinema surround loudspeaker system is engineered to reproduce today's full bandwidth digital surround tracks in smaller cinemas. It features an 8-in woofer and a 1-in dome tweeter loaded with EAW's proprietary WGP (Wave Guide Plate) mounted in a slanted baffle. This system is approved by the THX division of Lucasfilm, Ltd., for use in THX-certified theaters. The CR72 is specifically engineered to cover a larger seating area with higher quality, higher output sound than traditional cinema
surrounds. With 150 Watts AES standard power handling and a 110deg conical coverage pattern, it can be mounted higher than traditional surrounds. Higher placement lets the system cover a larger area "across" the room creating a larger area of stereo surround coverage than traditional surround placement. The WGP's extra wide dispersion pattern lets CR72's be used in cinemas with low ceilings without sacrificing coverage of fringe seats. The passive crossover/filter network included in the CR72 goes beyond merely dividing the signal and actually performs critical equalization functions. This means it will provide more detailed, more natural reproduction of any sonic event occurring in the 360deg aural Arena. The crossover/filter network tailors HF response to match the SMPTE/ISO 2969 response curve. The front baffle is angled down 20deg to accommodate overhead mounting. The optimally vented enclosure increases LF response while limiting driver excursion. This method produces less distortion and Minimizes driver strain while extending LF response to the lowest octaves.


LF Subsystem & Loading 1x 8-in Cone, Vented


HF Subsystem & Loading 1x 1-in Soft Dome Tweeter on WGP

Number of Audio Bands 2-way



Powering Mode Passive


System Crossover Passive


Recommended High-Pass


Frequency (24 dB/Octave) 50 Hz


Cabinet Type (shape) Rectangular, slant baffle


Enclosure Materials MDF


Finish Textured Black


Connectors 2-terminal barrier strip


Suspension Hardware (2) 3/8-16 threaded points (1 per side)


Grill Black Cloth on plastic frame




Frequency Response

±3 dB SMPTE/ISO 2969 "X" curve

66 Hz - 19 kHz

-10 dB 45 Hz


Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1 Watt @ 1m)

Full Range Passive 95

Impedance (Ohms)

Power Handling, AES Standard (Watts)

Full Range Passive 8

Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL @ 1m)

Full Range AES Standard 150

Full Range Long Term 116.8

Nominal Coverage Angle/-6 dB points (degrees)

Full Range Peak 122.8

Conical 110

Dimensions & Weights Inches Centimeters

Width 16.50 41.9

Height 16.09 40.9

Depth (Bottom) 6.26 15.9

Mounting hardware available