DBX 165A

$ 1,000.00
Beautiful dbx 165A, this unit is in excellent condition.  Our certified service techs have have tested and inspected this unit and functions just as amazing as it looks.  This unit provides the vintage warmth and grit that one should expect from the classic 165A.  Well known for being used on drums, bass, and vocals, these units perform well weather tracking or mixing.  A solid state compressor/limiter with VU metering known for its 'over easy' trademark compression sound found in other dbx compressors as well.  The 165A also features the "peak stop" function.  Working as a limiter the peak stop function is the final link in the 165A chain.  By using a soft knee approach to limiting this function is very good at controlling the overall output.  This unit comes with pig tales to connect to the barrier strip to provide a XLR input and output.  New Meter bulbs have also been installed.

Description Mono
Principle Solid State
Metering VU
Connections Jones style barrier strip, stereo coupling
Controls Threshold, compression, attack, release, auto switch, peakstop, meter function, output gain
PerformanceDistortion (THD) <.2% (IMD) <.2% SMPTE
Equivalent input noise -90dBu
Dynamic range 114dB
Compression ratio variable 1:1 to 1:infinity
Attack time (auto) 15ms for 10dB, 5 ms for 20dB, 3 msfo 30dB manual) variable from 2.5 to 1ms/dB
Bypass Yes


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