$ 45,000.00

This beautiful pre-owned SSL AWS 900+SE Delta, including full Patchbay System ($18K Value)  features the same audio performance as the flagship XL 9000 K series, SuperAnalogue mic pres, switchable E- and G-series EQ, moving-fader automation, Total Recall™ snapshot automation, direct DAW control, and 5.1 mixing and monitoring

When the SSL AWS 900+ was first introduced in 2005, it took the recording industry by storm. It became the choice of leading international artists, producers, and engineers. Following SSL's tradition of innovation, it offered both ultra high-quality sonics and advanced DAW control - something sorely needed in the burgeoning field hybrid analog/digital studios. Its SuperAnalogue circuitry is the same as SSL's flagship XL 9000 K-series console (just like the one currently in use at  Electric Lady Studios in New York and 1/10th the price when new), delivering ultra-clean SuperAnalogue mic pres, the precision and unique character of SSL's dual-curve 4-band parametric analogue EQ, dynamics processing, full 5.1 mixing and monitoring, motorized fader mix via SSL's “AWSomation,” Total Recall™ snapshot and recall of analog console controls, integration of analog audio sources, plus the ability to inject some depth into your digital audio by summing your mix on the finest quality analog mix bus.

Solid State Logic AWS 900+SE Delta - Just the Facts:

  • Combined SSL console and DAW controller via high-resolution integrated TFT screen
  • Upgraded to current Delta automation
  • Legendary SSL SuperAnalogue mic pres and audio path
  • Direct control of DAW recording, editing and mixing functions
  • Classic SSL EQ and dynamics with unique sonic character
  • AWSomation motorized-fader mix automation
  • Unique Total Recall system for recall of analog controls
  • 5.1, stereo, or stereo down-mix main outputs
  • Full monitoring system up to 5.1 surround
  • Self-contained power supply - no external PSUs or machine room needed

Solid State Logic AWS 900+SE Delta- Beneath the Surface

AWS 900+SE provides a control center for the modern DAW-based studio. The highly-evolved hardware control surface enables you to manipulate both analog audio paths within the console and the digital audio paths within the DAW. With dedicated DAW transport and track navigation, multi-function encoders, VCA fader mode, routing control, and built-in TFT display for advanced plug-in editing, AWS 900+SE delivers streamlined hardware control over your entire studio environment.

Signal routing, inputs/outputs, monitoring, and signal processing are all permanently available on the console. Quality motorized faders provide conventional audio level control as well as controlling the recording and replay levels in your DAW.


AWSomation is an automation package developed from SSL's renowned G and K Series Ultimation systems, but with an enhanced feature set designed specifically for the AWS 900. With the classic SSL look and feel, already familiar to engineers the world over, AWSomation adds dynamic fader and cut automation to the console. Use of SysEx (System Exclusive) MIDI data transfer allows mixes to be saved to a workstation or SysEx librarian, retaining the integrity of the project data.

AWSomation key features:

  • Frame-accurate fader and cut automation data
  • Moving and non-moving fader modes
  • Fader Links - group fader control
  • Mix Pass history
  • AutoTakeover
  • Variable fader glide times
  • Fader safe mode
  • Fader update status lock
  • Match and Play cut automation updates
  • Mixes and Fader Links are saved as Sys-Ex MIDI data together with the Total Recall Data

Total Recall snapshot and recall automation

Total Recall is a proprietary SSL technology that facilitates saving and recalling analog console control settings for a specific project or session. The system takes a snapshot of current console settings and saves it via the SSL Logictivity Browser. A graphic representation of this information is displayed on the AWS center-section TFT display to enable manual reset of the controls. The AWS includes the time-saving "TR Autoscan" feature which draws the operator's attention to only those Channels that need adjustment.

Channel Module

Input and Output Module

The channel meters section features dual 12-segment meters to indicate the post-fader channel input level or Mono/Stereo DAW levels. The meter source normally follows the large fader assignment. The Mode Indicators indicate which DAW channel is currently assigned to the Center Section.

The pre- or post-channel fader signal can be routed to any of eight track buses. The default post fader option can be selected pre or post the stereo bus panpot. If EFX is active, the routing source is the selected Cue/FX send level.

A flexible assignment routing system quickly enables insertion of the console's assignable dynamics modules to the analog signal path and allows the user to modify the signal process ordering of the dynamics processing.

Channel Input Section

The Channel Input section features a balanced Line Input with +/-20dB of gain and a SuperAnalogue Mic amp with continuous mic gain control (+15 to +75dB) and switchable 48V Phantom power. A -20dB pad and a discrete Instrument input allow for high-impedance sources such as guitars. The Flip control overrides the Master Mic/Line input selection assigned via the console center section.

EQ Section

Taken from the legendary XL 9000 K Series console and its current successor Duality, the AWS 900+SE features a highly flexible EQ section, switchable between the default E-Series operation and the characteristic G-Series curves and control interaction. (Referred to by experienced users as Brown (E series) or Black (G series) EQ due to the color of the low-frequency knobs). An “Insert In” switch routes the channel via the balanced Insert Send and Return. Pre places the Insert before the EQ section. In conjunction with the dynamics CHIP and CHOP (channel input/output) routing keys, the order of the EQ, Insert and Dynamics blocks can be re-ordered.

  • HPF - 18dB/Octave high-pass filter with detente bypass position
  • G-EQ Curve switch - toggles between the default E-Series and G-Series tonal characteristics and control interaction
  • HF - High-frequency shelving equalizer switchable to fixed Q parametric response via the Bell switch
  • HMF - High-frequency parametric mid-band EQ section
  • LMF - Low-frequency parametric mid-band EQ
  • LF - Low-frequency shelving EQ Switchable to fixed Q parametric response via the Bell switch

FX Sends

Dual-mono post-fader FX Sends are each switchable between a primary, secondary, or EFX bus to expand the number of possible sends from a channel module. A Push-Push switch activates or de-activates the send.

The PRE/EFX switch sources the channel from either the isolated pre-fader signal or the active EFX send. The EFX switch isolates the selected send from its bus and routes the output to either the Track Busses or the channel module's Direct Output if PRE/EFX is active.

Console Dynamics Module

The assignable channel dynamics section features SSL's standard RMS compressor, switchable to peak sensing, with hard knee characteristic via pull switch on Ratio control. There are controls for Expander/Gate range, threshold, release and hold. Expand is selected via a pull switch on the hold control.

Center Section Control

The AWS 900+SE Center Section offers an uncompromising approach to global console function management, monitoring, and DAW control. The compact yet extremely flexible control area gives direct access to all the most important DAW functions and monitoring for both control room, studio, headphone cue mixes, and talkback functions. Alternate key sets allow optimization for a variety of popular workstations when operating using Mackie/Logic control emulation.

Main Stereo Outputs

The Master Stereo Bus Selector Panel controls the status of the console's two main stereo outputs. Full routing of the motorized master fader, the main bus compressor, and the channel dynamics processors along with the bus inserts is carried out through two path-select switches and a vertical row of function keys. Additional keys select a unique insert sum feature which allows sub-mixing of the stereo bus insert return to the main buses. A +10dB boost can also be added to either of the main stereo buses shifting the fader scale to match the channel fader.


The AWS 900+SE offers a high level of sophistication when working with control room monitoring. The center section affords total control over two independent 5.1 main loudspeaker outputs plus two stereo mini LS outputs, which can be derived from an advanced Stereo Downmix Summing Matrix. Full Bass management is included which can be used with the Mini LS outputs as well as the main 5.1 monitor outputs. A highly flexible External source selector section can sum, assign, and route up to four 5.1 sources, and four stereo input sources to either control room, studio loudspeaker, and headphone feeds. Available Monitoring sources include the Record bus, Mix bus, Track Busses 1-6, four external 5.1 sources, and four external stereo sources.

A 6-channel wide monitor insert point and a separate 6-channel external meter output allow full interfacing with additional third-party monitoring systems and surround encoder/decoder combos.

A console as versatile as the AWS 900+ requires an equally versatile and sophisticated solo system. Channel Solos can be selected between Normal Latching destructive solo, Stereo AFL, mono PFL, inter-canceling ALT mode, Fleet, and non-latching solo switches. The Solo in front option provides a mix of LR with the selected AFL signal. The Solo in front control adjusts the relative levels of AFL and mix signals.

DAW Workstation Control Panel

The AWS 900+SE offers a powerful large format console feature set contained within a compact console design; however the AWS goes further than any other analog console to integrate seamlessly into a DAW based facility by incorporating hands-on control of important recording, routing, mixing, and editing functions in all major DAW applications including Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, and many others.

A high-quality TFT displays DAW status and plug-in parameters, plus additional console set-up information. Underneath this is the DAW Plug-In/Process controller, which comprises four rotary encoders with integral push-push switches and four assign keys. Two additional keys are for page up/down control. The Plug-In Editor is assigned via the channel SEL switches in conjunction with the EDIT switch. Plug-Ins can now also be controlled via the faders.

Dedicated DAW Control Panel

The DAW control panel includes a Master Rotary encoder with six function keys and a 2-digit display. Users can assign DAW channel levels, send levels and routing functions to the channel rotary encoder. Channel and Send levels can be “flipped” on to the main channel fader from this panel.

Five vertical buttons (the Window Select Keys) allow for quick access to the most commonly used DAW windows such as the edit/arrange window or the DAW mixer window.

The four uppermost buttons duplicate commonly used keyboard functions on a standard computer keyboard, including ESCAPE, UNDO, SAVE, and ENTER. The lower four buttons shadow the keyboard modifier keys. In combination, these buttons can remove the need for a keyboard and mouse for almost all tasks.

Motion Control Panel

Two rows of 5 buttons include the frequently used shortcuts to AUDITION, PRE, IN, OUT, POST buttons. The second row includes RTZ, END, LOOP, Q-PUNCH and DAW ON-LINE buttons. Controls are included for simple zooming, navigation, and selection of DAW objects. Transport buttons allow easy access to the most common transport functions: play, record, rewind, fast forward and stop buttons.

Solid State Logic AWS 900+SE full feature list

  • Integrated console, signal acquisition, signal processing, studio monitoring, bass management, and DAW control
  • Advanced DAW control through a high-resolution integrated TFT screen
  • Small elegant design frame with desk installation or freestanding options
  • Innovative new large fader dual-control of both DAW and console input path with follow fader metering
  • Exceptional Signal Processing
  • Legendary SSL sound quality
  • Identical SuperAnalogue technology as SSL's flagship XL 9000 K-Series console
  • DC-coupled for excellent low-frequency response
  • Balanced signal paths throughout for optimal dynamic range
  • Greater bandwidth than 192kHz recorders
  • 24 Ultra low-noise dual impedance mic amps
  • 24 channels with Twin curve SSL E and G Series 4-band
  • parametric equalization
  • Assignable dynamics sections with gate, expander and
  • compressor/limiter
  • G-Series stereo mix buss compressor
  • Flexible processing order

Creative Flexibility

  • Dual mix-bus design for comprehensive control of Input and DAW mixing and monitoring
  • 5.1, stereo or stereo down-mix main outputs
  • Eight track buses
  • Two main busses Record and Mix
  • EFX re-assign system on all 24 channel modules
  • Wide range of solo modes including Solo in Front
  • 4 stereo echo returns
  • Unrivaled comprehensive studio monitoring section
  • Hi-visibility channel meters, 4 main VU meters, and complete busses metering in the center section

Offering a unique combination of a compact world-class analog mixing console and a comprehensive DAW controller, the SSL AWS 900+SE provides everything you need to record, edit, and mix professional audio. For more information on this exceptional preowned AWS 900+SE console, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Integrator today.


  • < +27dBu @ 1kHz (< 1% THD)

Mic To Insert Send (max gain)

  • Frequency Response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.08dB at 20kHz, -4dB at 200kHz Noise: < -127dBu EIN 20Hz - 20kHz

Line In To Direct Out

  • Frequency response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.08dB at 20kHz, -3dB at 135kHz, -6dB at 195kHz
  • Noise: < -89dBu 20Hz - 20kHz
  • THD:< 0.002% @ 1kHz (+24dBu, 80kHz filter)

Line To Track And Aux Bus Out

  • Frequency response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.08dB at 20kHz, -3dB at 135kHz,   -6dB at 185kHz
  • Noise: < -89dBu (no channels routed); < -80dBu (all channels routed)
  • THD:< 0.002% @ 1kHz (+24dBu, 80kHz filter)

Line To Mix/Rec Bus Out

  • Frequency response: ±0dB at 20Hz, +0/-0.08dB at 20kHz, -3dB at 135kHz, -6dB at 185kHz <
  • Noise: -89dBu (no channels routed); < -84.5dBu (all channels routed)
  • THD: < 0.002% @ 1kHz (+24dBu, 80kHz filter)

Size and Power (approx.)

  • Height (maximum): 36-3/8" / 925 mm
  • Height of Faders: 28-1/2" / 723.4 mm
  • Height Adjustment: +6/8" - 3/8" / +20/10 mm
  • Width: 57" / 1445 mm
  • Depth (maximum): 34-3/8" / 873 mm
  • Heat dissipation: Less than 600W
  • Supply voltage: 90-250V auto-ranging
  • Supply current: 5.5 - 2.0A
  • Power factor: 0.95