BSS FCS-926-Used

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BSS FCS-926-Used


BSS FCS-926-Used

BSS FCS-926 (Varicurve System Dual Equaliser Analyser)

The BSS FCS-926 combines a digital-controlled analog parametric filter set with intuitive assignable controls, fully interactive graphic display and intelligent spectrum analyzer. It is also able to be setup to be MIDI controlled. Because of its design, it creates a more accurate and sonically superior EQ curve compared to other manual or programmable graphic equalizers.

Some of the features include its ability to be either a 6 band stereo or 12 band mono EQ. Each filter is able to provide a +/- 15 dB cut/boost or 30dB notch with a variable bandwidth of 0.1 to 2 octaves over 212 frequencies for each filter.

This unit can also be used as an analyzer for a quick measurement of room response to determine an approximate EQ curve.


This unit is from a studio closing and is in excellent condition. Fully tested with a 30 day warranty!

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