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Sasquatch 2 is a CPU-friendly kick drum enhancement plug-in that enables you to custom-tailor the sound of any kick drum, acoustic or electronic, with exhaustive creative possibilities, ranging from subtle to extreme and beyond . . . 

Sasquatch 2 is a dedicated kick drum processing plug-in (though that's not all it can do), that enables you to craft your kick drum sound in accordance with your production needs in any musical genre. Whether it's subtle enhancement, massive room-shaking thump, or electronic musical mutation, Sasquatch 2 makes it easy to get the results you want; no option overload, no hours wasted scrolling through Gigs of samples, and no arcane features you'll never touch. Low end is the crucial part of a modern mix and the most difficult to get under control. If you've been struggling to craft a powerful, punchy low end, Sasquatch 2 can give you all that and more in a single, easy-to-use, and affordable plug-in.

Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch 2 - Nature of The Beast:

  • Craft your kick drum from subtle enhancement to downright musical mutation
  • CPU-friendly with straightforward, easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Individually tweak and blend “Oomph” (body), “Click” (attack) and “Dry” sound
  • Easily create and customize “drops”�
  • Fine-tuning controls offer a unique set of creative tools for Oomph, Click, and Dry parameters
  • Instantaneous triggering; no phase or flam issues
  • Selectable trigger modes
  • High-pass and low-pass filters with selectable sidechain modes
  • A/B comparison plus four levels of “lock” mode lets you experiment and return to original settings
  • Icon-based interface for easy visual identification

Boz Digital Labs Sasquatch 2 - Cracking the Code

In order to understand what Sasquatch 2 is, it helps to understand what it isn't. It's not a RAM-hungry sample player or drum replacement plug-in with voluminous sample libraries. With Sasquatch 2, there's no need to spend hours matching samples only to settle on one go-to for pretty much everything, while the rest of the library takes up gigs of space on your hard drive. There's also no need to deal with transient sensitivity controls, hysteresis, or multiple instances when the initial hits of a crescendo are the same level as mic bleed. Plus, there are no trigger, phase, or sample-alignment issues.

All processing by Sasquatch 2 is performed by analyzing incoming audio and applying filtering and synthesis to your existing kick drum. Thanks to Sasquatch 2's advanced triggering algorithm, whether you're playing up-tempo quarter- or 64th-notes, it will process your kick drum flawlessly. Plus, you don't need a chain of plug-ins (and risk passing illegal word length) to get the results that a single CPU-friendly instance of Sasquatch 2 can give you.

In search of Sasquatch

Sasquatch 2 has three main processing sections that enable you to enhance or completely rework the sound of your kick drum: “Oomph” adds “Boom” or a “drop” to your bass drum, giving you size, low-frequency emphasis, or even a laser-like tail or Doppler effect. The “Click” section deals with beater attack and high-frequency components of the kick. The Dry section is where you find your original unaffected signal, which can be further treated with bass boost, high-pass filter, and limiter.

Operating independently, each section has a Gain slider, Solo and Mute buttons, plus a down-arrow that opens up additional tone-shaping controls particular to each section. Below the three main sections are a waveform display and a MIDI-capable virtual keyboard that puts the fun back into fundamentals, allowing you to select a low-frequency pitch for the kick, which can also be tuned.

Finding your way back

To eliminate the inevitable tail chasing and loss of initial settings when you start to second-guess yourself, there are four “lock” modes that enable you to get back to your previous settings in case you venture too far into the wilderness in search of Sasquatch. For example, you can lock your “Oomph” settings and go play in the forest with “Click.” When you're happy there, lock it in and move on. Once you're think you've had a real Sasquatch sighting, you can lock your master settings and then use the A/B comparison mode if you can't decide between two kicks. Another handy tool for tweakers is the ability to listen to the sidechain trigger input, which lets you hear the unaffected dry signal while soloing another section, such as Click, enabling you to hear and assess the individual processing you're applying.      

Application expedition

With Sasquatch 2, you're not limited to a single wave shape from its synthesizer. There are four to choose from in the Oomph section, but that's not the cool part. The cool part is that you can unlock the waveforms and combine various tops and bottoms. For example, you could have the top of the waveform be a square wave, while the bottom is a sine wave and vise-versa. So, if you want the beginning of a drop to be smooth and end up with a little grit, just click the lock/unlock icon and then the top and bottom of the waves you want to combine. Additionally, you can automate this, expanding your ability to combine different waves on every hit if you like. (We said it was cool.)

Speaking of automation, all parameters of Sasquatch 2 can be automated in your DAW, which means you're not limited to just one sound as other plug-ins would have you be. Nor do you have to pile on plug-ins to get the desired effect. For example, if you want to add excitement to the kick drum during a chorus, a common trick is to automate distortion, which requires either an insert or aux track. Both of these techniques will add word-length to your main bus, which reduces headroom for the entire mix. With Sasquatch 2, simply change the waveform and get a more aggressive sound with no change in level at the meters. It's like getting free bass.

Sasquatch is real and wants to kick it with you

Of course, we've only scratched the surface of what Sasquatch is capable of. If you've had enough of buying sample libraries in search of the perfect kick; downloading signature kick samples of the stars that don't quite fit your music; or overloading your low-end with headroom-eating EQs and sub-bass enhancers;   download a demo version of Sasquatch 2 and see how easy it is to create your own signature sound for any and all of your productions.    

 Boz Digital Sasquatch 2 - the Giganto-plugin-ecus* kick-drum machine that puts the “big” in your “foot.” Download yours today. 

*Gigantopithecus is the species name used for Bigfoot




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