Avid C|24 HDX Pro Tools System

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Avid C|24 HDX Pro Tools System


Avid C|24 HDX Pro Tools System

Avid C|24 HDX Pro Tools System

HD|C24 Pro Tools HDX is a high-performance solution, giving you hands-on C|24 mixing efficiency, a full complement of analog I/O, and integrated 5.1 surround monitoring, providing a complete studio solution for music and post production. Avid allows you to build a complete Pro Tools|HDX system based around a C|24 console while creating a bundle to save you money!

Avid C|24 HDX Pro Tools bundle includes:

  • C|24

Sleek, stylish console, 24 bankable channels, each with a touch-sensitive, motorized fader, and Mute, Solo, Select, Input, Record, EQ, Dynamics, Insert, Send, and Automation Buttons, Easy-to-read, 6-character, dual-row LED scribble strip displays instant visual feedback for channel names, plug-in parameters, sends, panning, and other editing functions, 24 high-quality rotary encoders with LED rings, 16 high-quality mic / line / DI preamps with high-pass filters and variable input gain allow direct mic, instrument, and line-level connections (via DB25) for recording through an Avid audio interface, direct access to editing, mixing, and recording on Pro Tools and Pro Tools|HD. high-quality, (an array) of analog inputs, 5.1 analog monitor section for your Pro Tools I/O. 

  • Pro Tools|HDX

5x more power per card than Pro Tools|HD Accel, 4x more tracks (up to 768 voices), 64 channels of I/O per card (up to 192 total), 4x more Automatic Delay Compensation, higher resolution (up to 32-bit, 192 kHz audio), greater dynamic range, increased headroom, eliminates clipping and obsessive gain staging, new AAX plug-in platform, RAM-cached record/playback and real-time fades, bus interrogation, clip gain, advanced audio editing, automation, surround sound, Media Composer and other AAF-compatible software supports multichannel tracks, and a 24-hour timeline, over 75 high-quality virtual instruments, effects, and sound processing plug-ins.

  • 1 HD I/O 8X8X8 audio interface:

Expand or customize the I/O with analog or digital option cards, integrates with Pro Tools|HD family system for full input, output, and routing control, Curv, a new built-in soft-knee limiter, Word Clock and Loop Sync I/O, 32 4-segment metering LEDs, Robust 2U rack-mountable chassis, Pristine audio clarity and ultra low latency, a balance of analog and digital I/O with HD I/O 8x8x8, maximize your analog I/O with HD I/O 16x16 Analog, or go all digital with HD I/O 16x16 Digital, built-in sample rate conversion.

  • C|24 TRS/LE 13-cable kit

DB25-XLR Male cable (1) Includes one 12-foot cable to connect the 5.1 Control Room Out (Monitor section).
DB25-XLR Female cable (2) Includes two 12-foot cables to connect Mic Inputs 1-8 (preamps) and Mic Inputs 9-16 (preamps).

DB25-TRS cable (10) Includes ten 12-foot cables to connect the Pro Tools Input (Monitor section), Surround Input (Monitor section), Line Outputs 1-8 (mic/line/DI preamps), Line Outputs 9-16 (mic/line/DI preamps), Submixer Inputs 1-4 (line submixer), Submixer Inputs 5-8 (line submixer), Ext Stereo Inputs, Cue Outputs, Line/DI Inputs 1-8, and Line/DI Inputs 9-16.

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