$ 15,900.00

Active main monitor System with dual 8" drivers and MF horn, PAIR

A free-standing main monitor in a compact cabinet, the 2x8", 1,500W Augspurger Duo 8 MiniMain offers all the sonic advantages of world-renowned Augspurger systems in smaller control rooms.

Famous for building monitors that reside in the world’s finest studios, Augspurger brings wall-mounted main monitors into the mid-field with the TEC Award-nominated Duo 8 MiniMain. As its name implies, the 1,500-watt Duo 8 MiniMain gives you the sound and fury of studio mains in a break-though 26" x 16" x 17" (HxWxD) midfield form factor. Like all Augspurger monitors, the Duo 8 MiniMain is a precision studio tool with accuracy, detail, and pure visceral power that is second to none. However, along with its ability to envelop you with music, the advanced design of the Duo 8’s components also enable you to monitor and mix at low levels and still feel how the bass will respond, thanks to its ability to perform consistently at all levels. An instant hit with Grammy-winning mixers, Augspurger’s next generation MidFocus* horn and free-standing design allows studios of any size to experience the world-class sound Augspurger is famous for—without the need for expensive racks of heavy amps, external crossovers, or the need to build soffits into the wall.  

Augspurger DUO 8 MiniMain—Just the Facts:

  • High-sensitivity custom drivers output 5dB-7dB more than any other design
  • Proprietary 4" formed beryllium tweeter eliminates lossy suspension materials
  • Phase-linear MidFocus midrange horn crosses over from 900Hz up for improves accuracy and clarity
  • Ultra low-noise, custom Class D amplifiers
  • Proprietary DSP ensures a perfect sonic fit to any room
  • Augspurger founder and studio integrator Dave Malekpour personally tunes the monitors to your room, remotely or onsite

Augspurger DUO 8 MiniMain—Behind the Grille

High-sensitivity custom drivers

Like microphones, a driver’s sensitivity is a measurement of its output voltage based on an incoming audio source. While typical monitor’s sensitivity is approximately 93dB, Augspurger drivers are unique in their ability to output 98-100dB per one watt input. The additional 5dB to7dB output over conventional designs results in more dynamic performance, as well as the ability to respond rapidly and powerfully to transients. The extreme responsiveness and dynamic range of the Augspurger Duo 8’s custom, high-sensitivity drivers are only one part of the unrivalled performance of Augspurger monitors.


Proprietary 4" beryllium high-frequency diaphragm


Another area of special focus in Augspurger speaker design is the high-frequency driver. The Duo 8 MiniMain features a proprietary 99.98% pure, 4" beryllium diaphragm. The HF diaphragm is a singe formed unit, which eliminates lossy suspension material, enabling it to respond unimpeded to transients. Being exceptionally strong and lightweight, with very fast energy dissipation, beryllium doesn’t continue ringing after being excited by transient attacks. Once it outputs a sound, it immediately stops resonating, which eliminates any smearing of transients. The result is incredibly accurate and detailed spatialization.


Thanks to its optimal high-frequency response characteristics and remarkable durability, beryllium rapidly dissipates heat, which when coupled with a compression driver, provides an exceptional response. The high-sensitivity response of all the Augspurger drivers, including midrange and bass, increases the efficiency of the amplifiers in comparison to other drivers of less sensitivity.


Phase-linear “MidFocus” midrange horn


Another unique feature of Augspurger speakers is its MidFocus horn. The midrange horn is crossed over at 900Hz, which means that all frequencies above the crossover emanate from the same source. This results in a very phase-linear response throughout the mid to high-frequency range, which improves accuracy and clarity. It also makes your EQ a more powerful tool, as it enables you to EQ precisely what you’re hearing instead of an interaction between speaker and room.  


Additionally, the Duo 8 MiniMain’s compression driver is placed inside the horn, giving it a sensitivity of 110dB, which translates to 110dB SPL at one meter per one-watt input. Augspurger’s high-powered amplifiers in conjunction with the 110dB response from 900Hz up provides a limitless top end with no compression or change in system response.

Class D custom amplifiers

Not just limited to speaker design and manufacturing, Augspurger also designs and builds highly efficient, ultra low-noise, ultra low-distortion Class D amplifiers. These amplifiers feature customizable DSP, which enables the speakers to be tuned to match the acoustic response of any environment. Since distortion is virtually non-existent, measuring at an unheard of 0.003%, the sound of the system remains consistent regardless of playback volume. The super-low distortion characteristics of the amplifiers relieves ear fatigue, enabling long mixing sessions without crossing the Fletcher-Munson threshold.

To ensure high output across the entire frequency spectrum, Augspurger amplifiers output 1,000W RMS/2,000W peak, with 250W available to the horn. For accurate transient reproduction and lifelike dynamic response, these power curves are essential, and the reason why you can listen at near-field or lower levels and still have the same bass response you would have at a midfield level or high volume. With Augspurger monitors, you don’t need high volume to experience extreme detail and clarity or bass response. You can listen at nominal level and get all the information and accuracy you need without putting a strain on the drivers, which in turn results in a longer lifespan.      

Proprietary DSP management

Aware that speakers combine with the room to act as a single entity, Augspurger monitors feature fully active DSP, including 16 FIR (finite impulse response) user definable EQ Filters per band, phase alignment, time alignment of each band, limiting, and level control. However, the important distinction between Augspurger’s DSP and that of other monitors is that it is not intended to merely EQ a flat response from the speaker. The goal is to create a reference response that allows you to make tonal, balance, and mix-related decisions that will not only sound good in your studio, but in all other playback systems and listening environments as well.

Personally tuned by Augspurger founder, Dave Malekpour

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor between Augspurger and all other monitors, is that rather than leave things to chance, all Augspurger systems are tuned remotely or onsite personally by master tuning technician and Augspurger founder, Dave Malekpour.

After twenty years of tuning monitors in studios of all shapes and sizes to compensate for room characteristics and anomalies, Dave has derived a speaker response curve based on measurements taken in rooms used by top mixers including Young Guru, Rafa Sardina, and Dave Pensado, which serves as a baseline to ensure perfect room response. Once the response curve of the speakers in your control room matches the Augspurger baseline curve, it’s stored in the system memory. The result is a proper tonal balance, rather than a brute-force flat EQ, which actually throws the speaker’s frequency response out of balance.

Thanks to their proper tonal balance, which is the foundation of accurate mix translation, Augspurger monitors are not only revealing, they’re exciting and inspiring to listen to—providing a solid creative foundation that allows you to produce music as you intend it to be heard.

What the pros are saying about Augspurger:

The Augspurger Duo 8 MiniMain has won the acclaim of top producers and artists with its stunning sound:

"There are revelations in one's career that come unexpectedly. Discovering the magical balance of the Augspurger Duo 8 monitors has allowed me to work on so many different styles of music with a single speaker reference.”—Rafa Sardina, 13-time Grammy winner (Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello)   

“I absolutely love and trust my Augspurgers. They make my mixes and my LIFE better!” Dave Pensado, Grammy-winning mix engineer (Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Pink)

 “The next level of speaker design, nothing can prepare you for how big and clear these speakers sound”  —Rik Simpson (Coldplay, Jay Z, Natalie Imbruglia, Portishead, PJ Harvey)

You know you’re doing something right when your monitors enable multiple Grammy winners to up their game.

Augspurger Duo 8 MiniMain key features:

  • HF Driver: 4" 99.8% pure beryllium diaphragm by TruExtent for Augspurger, powered by neodymium compression driver with ultra-low distortion capable of 125W RMS/ 250W program, for exceptionally high SPL without distortion at 16 ohm.
  • LF/MF Driver: 8" carbon fiber loaded paper cone woofer with ferrite magnet, 6.0MM X max, 300W RMS / 600 program, 8 ohm 
  • (2) Two-way main monitor cabinets loaded with two 8” MF/LF drivers and one 4’’ high compression driver with beryllium diaphragm on an Augspurger designed rock maple MF (MidFocus) horn.

  • (2) SXE2/1750 two-way Class D networkable amplifiers (1400W & 250W) with Active DSP providing crossover, limiting, driver alignment and system equalization & control software, rack-mounted.

Available models with subwoofers:

  • Duo 8-Sub12-SXE3 (3-way 2500W DSP amp and single 12” sub cab per side) 

  • Duo 8-Sub18-SXE3 (3-way 2500W DSP amp and single 18” sub cab per side) 

Amplifier Options:

2-Way systems: DSP-2 2-way Class D, ultra-low distortion, high-output amplifier with DSP controlled crossover, EQ, phase, driver alignment, limiting (user optional) and level control. HF amp channel with 150W at 16 ohm, LF channel with 600W at 8 ohm. 

3-Way systems: DSP-3 3-way Class D, ultra-low distortion, high-output amplifier with DSP controlled crossover, EQ, phase, driver alignment, limiting (user optional) and level control. HF amp channel with 150W at 16 ohm, MF channel with 600W at 8 ohm, LF/sub channel with 1100W at 4 ohm

Controls: Software: Via USB with proprietary PC software offering 16 FIR user definable EQ filters per band, phase alignment, time alignment of each band, limiting and level control

Connections: XLR Input and pass thru output, USB, Powercon, Speakon NL-2 output on 3-way systems.

Cabinet Materials: 1-1/2" high-density fiberboard baffle, 1" high-density fiberboard back and sides, recycled cotton fiber fill

Horn: single-cut, rock maple for painted cabinets, figured big leaf maple for wood-finished horns, machine milled, hand assembled and finished 

*Augspurger’s MF Range is designed to fit in smaller control rooms where a traditional soffit mains system would not be possible, and distance between the mixer and the mains is tighter. Like all Augspurger active systems, power is provided by on-board DSP amps delivering 600 watts RMS per side with 0.003% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) (750w). Optional matching subwoofers are available in 1X12", 2X12", 1X18" and 2X18" sizes, expanding the system to a three-way, full-range solution. Wattage is then boosted to 1,100 per side. (1,250w)

An ideal all-around studio monitor for tracking, mixing and mastering, the Augspurger Duo 8 MiniMain is a true main monitor in the size of a midfield—expertly hand-crafted in the USA. For more information, call or chat online with your Pro Audio Design Studio Integrator today.

Finishes: Matte Black and matte silver finishes are standard at no upcharge. Optional paint finishes to match any color, including metallic flake and pearlescent high gloss finishes and available. Figured/Flametop Maple with choice of aniline dye and Lacquer finish in gloss or satin also available. Please call for pricing.


 Duo 8 Flyer


Breathtaking Power. Unmistakable Clarity.


  • Frequency response: 25Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
  • SPL: 115dB without sub, 120dB with 12" Sub, 124dB with 18" sub 
  • AC power input: 110 to 240V auto sensing, internally fused
  • Cooling: convention cooled, rear-mounted heat sinks, no fans
  • Cabinet dimensions: 26" H x 16" W x 17" D
  • Finishes: Matte black (optional paint finishes to match any color including metallic flake and pearl essence high gloss finishes, figured/flame-top maple with choice of aniline dye and lacquer finish in gloss or satin)
  • Weight: 110 lb. each
  • Shipping: 125 lb. each






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