AMS Neve 88D 48-Channel Digital Console (Preowned)

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AMS Neve 88D 48-Channel Digital Console (Preowned)


AMS Neve 88D 48-Channel Digital Console (Preowned)

This immaculately kept preowned Neve 88D Digital Console features a 24-fader, 48-channel work surface with 96 channels of I/O and original 88D processing and automation. Can be used as is, or upgraded to the current model (for far less than a new model!). Call for options and details.

Arguably the best-sounding digital console in the world today, the AMS Neve 88D is a multipurpose desk that excels at music production, mixing, or film and television post-production-and does it with inimitable Neve sound and forward-thinking functionality. The 88D's surface is arranged to make mixing as convenient as possible, with the most-used controls located within easy reach of the operator's listening position. The 88D comprises the console surface with integrated Encore Plus automation; a processing engine, which can have signal processing added (or removed) as needed, including channel number, which paths have EQ and dynamics, and where insert points are placed; and finally the I/O system. Combining staggering digital power with Neve's analog excellence, the 88D can be outfitted with classic Neve 1073, 1081, and Air Montserrat mic pres.  

AMS Neve 88D-Just the Facts:

  • 24-fader, 48-channel configuration with 96 channels of I/O
  • Classic console design
  • Neve sound processing
  • Individual channel operation
  • Up to 1000 channels at 24-bit/96kHz
  • 1 multi-stem Surround
  • Classic analog front-end
  • MADI, AES/EBU, and Analog I/O
  • Powerful Neve EQ & Dynamics
  • Floating point DSP Plug-Ins
  • Extensive DAW Integration
  • DSD/DXD high-definition
  • Encore Plus Advanced Automation
  • 8 fader center control section
  • Instant recall
  • Redundant power supply feature
  • Stable and proven digital architecture
  • Long life TFT display screens
  • Acoustically optimized frame
  • Interface to all common HD recording systems
  • Control surface for Pro Tools™ via MIDI protocol
  • Seamless integration to AMS Neve CineFile Music Multi-track 

AMS Neve 88D-Under the Hood


 This powerful digital console combines a DSP engine capable of mixing 1000 tracks at 24-bit/96kHz with classic Neve mic pre-amplifiers (1081R) for stellar sound capture, dedicated 8.1 surround monitoring of multiple sources, and the latest Encore Plus automation for highly efficient and creative mix capabilities.

High PCM sampling rates, DXD mixing and 40-bit floating point processing provide the digital route to the ultimate in mix quality. Classic Neve EQ and dynamics plug-ins ensure that 88D retains the true character of the legendary Neve Sound.

Unique to the 88D is the Monitor Facilities Rack, which is a digitally controlled analog monitoring unit. It provides enhanced monitoring facilities including context mixing and stem summing for film mixing and control of multiple surround speaker sets.

Processing Engine

The Processing Engine provides a pool of digital processing that is used to manipulate signals according to control changes on the console surface. The 88D can have signal processing added or removed as required for particular jobs including configuring the number of channels, which paths have EQ and dynamics processors available and where insert points are placed.

All audio signals are connected to the Processing Engine from the I/O system via industry standard MADI connections. MADI also allows the easy connection of third-party digital equipment.

I/O System

The 88D I/O system comprises a complete range of digital interfaces, high definition, ultra-fast ADCs and DACs, sample rate converters, and remote low-noise mic amps. It also incorporates a router that is used to patch any physical input to any input path (e.g. Channel, Track Tape Return, etc.) and any output path (e.g. Aux Send, Main Output, Track Send, etc.) to any physical output.


Encore Plus is a module within 88D that is used in conjunction with the console surface to provide functions for configuring and setting up the console, via snapshots and automation of the console. Configuration functions include setting the tone (slate) frequency and volume, selecting the internal sample rate, deciding how the solo system operates and so on. Console set up functions include rapid port routing (similar to using a patch bay only much faster), setting how many paths of each type are to be used, applying the same signal processing functions to multiple paths, etc.

Snapshots are used to record the settings of controls for later recall. The number of controls affected by a Snapshot can be changed with Snapshot Scope. Encore Plus is used to store multiple lists of Snapshots. It provides management of automation data and automation functions such as labeling user selected timecode points, mix-conforming, and event list editing. Universal across all the AMS Neve console range, mixes on Neve 88D can start out on an analog Neve 88RS for orchestral recording, or finish on a DFC Gemini as a film soundtrack.

Control Surface

The 88D's surface is arranged to make mixing as convenient as possible, with the most commonly used controls located within easy reach of the central position. Adjustments can be made to any channel, using conventional channel-by-channel controls via touch-sensitive “Logicators,” which provide control and visual feedback. A knob-per-function center panel aids sweet spot mixing. A small-fader path and a simple layer structure give easy access to large numbers of channels. Additionally, Encore Plus, Neve's configuration and automation system, is fully integrated into the console surface.

Surround monitoring

Clearly laid-out, the monitoring panel gives direct access to multiple internal and external sources in any surround format. The 88D Monitor Panel provides full control over surround monitoring. A surround sound setup on the 88D consists of three main parts: Signal sources that are panned, film stems that accept the panned signals, and film monitoring that controls which stems are output to the speakers

With classic Neve transformer-balanced mic inputs and Gigabit-linked super high-definition converters, the Neve 88D represents the pinnacle of digital console design combined with legendary Neve sound. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Integrator today.

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