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The Amphion BaseOne25 is a powered subwoofer system with 2 x subwoofer towers and BaseAmp500 amplifier/crossover with passive radiators and bass extension down to 20Hz.

Before you filter out everything below 40Hz, and as a consequence, frequencies above, wouldn’t it be a good idea to hear exactly what’s going on down there before you thin out your mix? When you think about it, it’s like performing surgery blindfolded, only nobody gets hurt (except your mix and possibly your reputation). Instead of simply pumping out party bass, think of the Amphion BaseOne25 as an electron microscope that takes the guesswork out of making those blindfolded “surgical” EQ cuts. The Amphion BaseOne25 bass extension system enables smaller drivers to do what they do best, which is handling the midrange on up to the highs, while dedicated bass drivers enable you to focus on the area of greatest energy, and also the most problematic—the invisible headroom eater of digital recording. BaseOne25 offers a complete solution to seamlessly transform studio monitors to a true stereo full-range monitoring system. Amphion’s BaseOne25 extends all the way down to 20Hz while simultaneously improving dynamic range and minimizing distortion by doing the heavy lifting at the low end of the spectrum. And, as every record-maker knows, the key to a professional sound is a properly managed bass—something the BaseOne25 excels at.

Amphion BaseOne25—Just the Facts:

  • BaseOne25 transforms studio monitors into a true stereo, full-range, monitoring system
  • Life-like, natural bass response with perfect phase coherence with paired Amphion monitors
  • Dual 10" (250mm) aluminum drivers effortlessly delivering solid, full bass as low as 20Hz
  • Integrated 35 mm birch plywood monitor stands
  • BaseAmp500 crossover/power amp; 2x 500W
  • Full-range/Monitor-only button and latching foot-switch input
  • Passive-radiator aluminum subwoofer
  • Handmade in Finland

Amphion BaseOne25—Behind the Grille

The complete monitoring solution

The BaseOne25 is designed to pair with either One18 or Two18 studio monitors, depending on your needs, room size, and its acoustics. The bass extension down to 20Hz ensures that a mixing or mastering studio or even a music-composing setup has all the sonic information necessary to deliver the highest-quality, balanced audio. 

Integrated extension towers

The BaseOne25 LF extension towers sit directly under the studio monitors, which makes physical integration and phase-/time-alignment much easier to achieve. The BaseOne25 has a 10" long-throw, aluminum woofer and 10" aluminum passive radiator. The extension cabinets are made from 1" (35 mm) birch/plywood with high-tensile, machined steel reinforcement pins, and 3/16" (5 mm) steel support plate/energy dispersion ring. Connectors are Neutrik Speakon.

BaseAmp500 crossover/amplifier

The BaseOne25 is powered by Amphion’s 500-watt BaseAmp500 crossover/amplifier module, meticulously hand-wired with nothing but the finest components by Amphion’s audio obsessed assembly team. On the front panel of the BaseAmp500 are a bypass switch and indicator, power switch and indicator, and a bass-level rotary control for frequencies below 100Hz that enables you to match the system to your main monitors. The rear panel has stereo XLR inputs and stereo XLR outputs for the main monitor amp, speaker outputs for the BaseOne25 subwoofer, an auto-voltage switching power connector for international use.

Hardwired bypass with footswitch

The front panel bypass switches between full-range and monitors only. It’s a true hard-wired bypass that also functions when the unit is off. The bypass enables you to quickly and easily compare between the effect of the BaseOne25 engaged or with the monitors alone. Along with the front-panel bypass switch, there is also a rear-panel latching bypass footswitch input (1/4") in case the BaseAmp500 is located beyond easy reach.

Passive radiator bass enhancement

Another design philosophy adhered to by Amphion’s Anssi Hyvönen is that in his view, ported monitors should be banned from music making. The upside of ported speakers is that they can output more impressive low end than infinite-baffle systems (sealed cabinets), though they exhibit a steeper bass roll-off. The downside is that the waves emanating from them can make noise and interfere up the spectrum through the low mids and midrange. There’s also a possibility of smearing transients, as well as produce a phenomenon called one-note bass, wherein the resonant frequency of the cabinet overtakes the low end.

Amphion’s solution is the use of a passive radiator, which works much like the bass reflex in order to increase bass response. The radiator is a diaphragm used to cover an inconveniently large port. It also reduces port turbulence, which can interfere with the direct sound of the drivers. Amphion uses passive radiators in a sealed cabinet, which maintains the same low-frequency response regardless of volume—hence the ability to remain true to the source at low levels.

What the pros are saying about the BaseOne25

“I’m addicted to my Amphions – can’t work without them.”

Grammy Award-winning mix engineer and educator, Dave Pensado (Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera)

“They changed the way I work – I was able to work quicker.”

—BAFTA Award-nominated composer for film and TV, Mark Russell

“My search for ultimate speakers is over.”

—Mixing engineer-producer, Alan Vukelic

“I finally found a balanced and trustworthy monitor system!"

—Producer-songwriter-engineer, Michele Canova Iorfida (Winner of Top Grossing Record of the Year in Italy, 2007)

Who’s using Amphion?

Amphion has become the go-to monitoring solution for A-list mixers, producers, engineers, and producers, including the venerable Bruce Swedien (Thriller), Grammy-winner Dave Pensado (Beyoncé, Maroon 5), Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Nora Jones), Grammy-winner Dave Reitzas (Madonna, Seal), BAFTA award-winning composer, Jasper Kyd; Jack Joseph Puig (The Black Crowes, John Mayer); and many more.

About Amphion

The overall design philosophy and aesthetic of Amphion’s founder, Anssi Hyvönen, is that monitors should reproduce music in all its natural splendor and beauty without adding or removing anything—just the pure and simple truth of what you’ve recorded or mixed. To achieve this goal, Amphion has spent considerable effort developing technologies that provide an honest representation of program material, beginning with audiophile speakers.

Whether you are composing, tracking, mixing, or mastering, the Amphion studio monitors enable you to work faster and achieve premium results. These transparent and elegantly-truthful studio monitors are perfectly balanced, and easily respond to any acoustic environment, personal taste, or music genre.

The Amphion BaseOne25 operating in concert with Amphion’s One18 or Two18 creates a breathtaking 3D soundscape so accurate that you’ll swear that you’re in the room with the musicians. For more information integrating an Amphion system into your studio, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist today.

  • Operating principle: One-way, 10" aluminum passive radiator
  • Drivers: 10" aluminum woofer
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–100Hz ±3dB
  • Crossover point: 100Hz
  • Connectors: Neutrik Speakon
  • Construction: 35 mm birch plywood cabinet
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 37-5/8" x 7-1/2" x 15-3/16" (956 x 191 x 386 mm)
  • Weight: 91 lb. (41 kg)
  • Handmade in Finland

Amphion BaseAmp500 specifications

  • Power: 2x500W into 2 ohm @ 1% THD; 2x330W @ 4 ohm; 900W bridge-tied load (BTL) into 4 ohm @ 1% THD
  • Amp technology: Patented AMS (adaptive modulation servo) amplifier technology
  • Load-independent frequency range: 100kHz (-3dB)
  • THD vs. frequency: Almost flat
  • Dynamic range: 115dB
  • Output impedance: <10M ohm 20Hz-20kHz
  • Mains: Automatic voltage doubler for universal use (115/230V)
  • Certification: CE, EuP, and Energy Star
  • 2U High-quality aluminum rackmount chassis with front-panel power switch
  • Connectors: 2 x Neutrik XLR inputs; stereo outputs for main monitor amp and for BaseOne25 speakers
  • Power Switch: Front; bypass switch (front) and bypass latching input footswitch (rear)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 19" x 3-5/8" x 10-1/4" (483 x 88 x 260 mm)
  • Weight: 12 lb. (5 kg)


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