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The ADAM Audio Sub7 is a 7", 140-watt subwoofer with 107dB peak SPL and 32-150Hz frequency range, featuring remote control of volume and crossover frequency.

Small monitors with diminutive woofers in the 4.5" and 5" range are at odds with low frequencies. It’s not their fault. They’re just obeying the laws of physics. To create the illusion of deeper bass in such speakers, there are certain tricks designers use, such as bass reflect ports. But there again, physics rears its stubborn head, in the form of port noise or reflections that can interfere in the low mids, turning them into low muds. A more elegant solution is the addition of a subwoofer. However, it would be a bit of an overkill to add a 10" or 12", 1,000-watt sub to a five-inch speaker. The ADAM Sub7 is specifically designed to complement smaller monitors, such as those found in ADAM’s A3X and A5X monitors. ADAM’s primary goal in monitor design is to provide absolute accuracy and natural sound reproduction. To achieve that goal, ADAM subwoofers combine exceptional bass power with precision and clarity. Plus there are practical features to make subwoofer integration convenient.

ADAM Audio Sub7—Just the Facts:

  • Small form-factor makes easy placement in space-challenged studios
  • 7" Subwoofer (paper)
  • Amplifier power RMS / Music, 140W / 210W
  • Frequency Response of 32Hz-150Hz
  • peak SPL 107dB
  • Remote control of crossover and volume lets you adjust without leaving the sweet spot

ADAM Audio Sub7—Behind the Grille

Small footprint big sound

The Sub7 has been designed to complement smaller monitors in the AX-Series, Its small footprint allows for easy placement in environments where real-estate is limited and at a premium. The included remote control enables volume changes or crossover frequency adjustments from your studio sweet spot or comfy sofa (if you’ve got an ADAM-equipped home theater). The Sub7 I/O includes both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA input and output connectors, enabling the Sub7 to be used in home or studio environments.

The Sub7 has several control options allow for various adjustments to room acoustics or the satellite speakers in your system. These controls include A 0°/180° phase switch and a switchable 85Hz high-pass filter to find the best setting for an optimum in sound and performance. The low cut-off frequency of 32Hz (-3dB point) enables the Sub7 to reproduce audio in the low register in a highly authentic manner.

PWM custom amplifier

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) also known as Class D amplification or switching amp technology (and mistakenly digital amplification), converts the incoming signal to a series of rectangular waveforms of equal height. The width of the rectangles varies in time and represents the musical signal. This waveform can be amplified much more simply, as the transistors are used as switches that only turn the power supply voltage on and off.

It is possible that a very fast mechanical switch could do the job, but power transistors are a better choice for the task, as such, PWM amplifiers work pretty much like conventional Class AB designs.

Advantages of PWM

The main advantage of PWM amplifiers is their extremely high efficiency (>90%). As a consequence the heat to be dissipated is only one-fifth of earlier designs, leading to much lower temperatures within the amps and making the use of heat sinks unnecessary.

While PWM is highly efficient, pulse-width modulation causes signal distortion due to non-linearity of the modulation based on transient response. Usually, some form of noise-shaping filter is required to eliminate the distortion. However, that alone wasn’t good enough for ADAM engineers, who set out to develop PWM units that would perform at the leading edge of sonic quality while maintaining high efficiency. The ADAM units use a proprietary technology for both the amp and the power supply section (i.e. no more transformers) combined with state-of-the-art input and filter sections to achieve the best in multi-channel active monitoring.

ADAM Sub7 features and benefits:

Linear bass reproduction down to 32Hz:

  • Ideal addition to smaller nearfield monitors

Maximum Peak sound pressure in 1 m ≥ 107dB:

  • Powerful, compression-free sound reproduction even at very high SPL

High-efficiency PWM amplifier:  

  • Low-distortion amplification at both low and high volume levels

Special 7" woofer with paper diaphragm   :

  • Unrestricted bass reproduction for low-fatigue operation

Easy manual or automatic (de-)activation (via optional footswitch)  

  • If desired, monitoring is possible without the low frequencies

Upper cut-off frequency is selectable between 50Hz to 150Hz  

  • Allows optimal adaptation of the total system on the bass performance of the satellites

Connectable high-pass filter for the satellite outputs, which blocks signals below 85Hz  

  • Dolby®—Fair reproduction of film sound; discharging the satellites from the low frequencies

Remote control (contained in the delivery contents):  

  • Comfortable control in any situation

Analog XLR and RCA inputs   :

  • Optimized for balanced and unbalanced line signals

Small footprint:  

  • Flexible positioning in room for optimal sound results

2 years warranty with optional extension to 3 years with the registration of the product  

  • Full repair service if required for 5 years

If you’re missing the lows from your ADAM AX-series (or any) monitors, add a Sub7 subwoofer and mix with a full frequency range. Order yours today. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio specialist.

  • Driver: 178mm / 7“
  • Voice coil ø: 38 mm / 1.5“
  • Cone material: coated paper
  • power RMS / music: 140W/210W
  • Frequency response: ±3dB: 32Hz-150Hz
  • THD >60Hz: ≤1 %
  • SPL max in 1m: ≥ 107 dB
  • Crossover frequencies: 50-150Hz
  • Input connectors: XLR / RCA
  • Input impedance: 10k ohm
  • Weight: 8 kg / 17.6 lb.
  • Magnetic shielding: no
  • Height x Width x Depth: 371 x 200 x 280 mm 14.5" x 8" x 11"
  • Warranty: 5 year (2-year plus optional 3-year extended)




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